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Libby! How are you doing? Good to see you on here!

This is awesome. Thanks.

@Claymore I disagree. "Banned" means "I dont have to spend 3 mil to create buzz" Think about it.... How many ads did we watch tonight, that we will NOT talk about? Then think how much people...

Stupid? Yes.

Offensive? Yes.

Dumbing down to audience? Probably.

Lacking Creativity? Yes.

But I will say this about these ads and the strategy. The strategy...

Very true. I agree. Ha. Yes. It is a little scrambled... So what is your story? Are you in the business?


I don't blame him. I would be mad too. I gotta say the ads are funny. Are they on strategy? I do not know.

Oh, and as a side note:

He says when he writes in all caps, it isn't...