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Oups, they did it again. Courrier International by Saatchi&Saatchi France. 2010.
It's maybe a scam ad (who knows...) but a good one if it is. Those littles spaces reminds me of a french campaign for housing problem.
In fact, the idea was to celebrate the performance of a bigger operation, not to make people believe they could do it by themselves.
Previously, they made this:
For those who like BIG augmented reality examples...
I bought it a few months ago and love it. Just make sure your friends are Geek enough to understand (otherwise, you'll look like a guy from the 80's).
Hi Dabitch, maybe i am wrong, but for me, those comics were made by a portuguese Agency named FUEL (cf the signature on the left).
Or did they only use these for their own promotion?
Mathieu aka...
Hi, even if the video with the goths is my favourite, there are two others.
One is with hip-hop fellows cleaning a Basket Field, the other is with little guys dancing a strange thing called...
Hi, I had the same idea in France a few days ago (written in French).
The title is : "When 9/11 inspires advertising".
Enjoy :