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Man that is funny. Yeah, i would have cut the spinning bots.
Ugh. Toyota TV advertisements are the banner ads of Prime Time. Mute.
Updated to correct spelling on Sep 7, 2017.
I was not going to watch this but the voice in my head said, "There is absolutely no way ESPN/Dsney is going to create an |app| that allows live events in...
Apparently something was updating slow - name is filled in.
That word should be app. fixed.
Fun to watch. Didn't see that coming.
Love it. Hand puppets rule.
First impression is an old PSA on say no to drugs. Repetition with fast cut to scene to guy as a chorus is creepy.
I listened for 27 seconds. I was searching for the Breakout ad. It's deleted everywhere.
I thought this was a social media thing. Oops, all the folks at the top are the usual players; newspaper/magazine, booze, scratch Hollywood\'s back, and the marketing guys.
OMG, it is a wall plaque...
It is not a simple structure. Performance is what you hear when a song is playing; A big section of law to digest. Writer and publisher are handled more hands on - think Big Record Label is...
I have stood on a soapbox at a couple family gatherings stressing the point that once this service gets DNA the data base is theirs. All the we came to Virginia on (some boat - some better than...
somewhere in 10TB
Left thumb points to the left, index finger straight, middle finger straight, ring finger straight, pinky curls towards palm. Which movie did the British spy get caught by not counting with thumb....
I thought Zima was undrinkable way back. Kids these days like soda pop so go Zima you found a market.
On those days i want to scream into a pillow I'll use this. Could be fun.
Well, surprise me font designer. I thought I was looking at something from the movie Arrival. The beings are called Hexapods, fonts ..<->words<-> .. talking in their environment looks...