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@Dabs, I noticed, like you noticed the silence from the biological mother, that the men in the ad never get to speak. Now that you alerted me to the male pretending to be a mother something deep...

@Fairuse, I've seen you here for years, yet I never understand your comments. Could you elaborate?

As usual, Sorrel is up to something. Great for his bottom line is usually not great from a creator perspective.

I found this, speaking of possible hate crime. Stating facts will apparently get your teeth knocked out in Spain these days. Good to know before I vacation there.

It's possible that Pepsi are laughing their way to the bank after this one. The earned media has been huge. Sure, it's all negative, but it's been huge.

Checking Twitter it seems that...

I think I love this guy.

Survata should be embarrassed their name is associated with such a amateur online poll.

It's commenting , whether you've subscribed or not, in certain subreddits that will block you from /r/naturalhair and whatever other prissy little subreddits. So there's a lot of lurkers, but...

They could determine that manually after an automatic flag. What they are doing right now is the other way around, which is why they have their current troubles.

I went through the Reddit "targeting manual" out of curiosity, it is here for anyone else interested: https://static....

Congrats Nate!

Honestly, VH1 should video-on-demand these kinds of shows, they're sort of cult now, aren't they?

Did you come here from the stormfront forums? The ad should be critiqued on its merits, not people's ethnicity. The ad was shit, because neither of these comedians are funny or popular just as...

Congratulations Peggi. Great headshot too!

Wikipedia is the clearest example of a Web 2.0 scam. Have millions of people working for free on your product so that you become a millionaire without having to do anything, except reaping all...

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.