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And my aversion to Bud Light.
This ad is beyond a doubt responsible for my homosexuality.
New York was once a dangerous, sketchy place; and Michael J. Fox could take it on nimbly.
Seriously, it was great seeing him do that jump and kick in the hallway. Don't take anything for granted.
Is this where Conan got his "In the Year 2000" skit?
Also, canned food is still gross and will be in a thousand years. I was relegated to eating it tonight, and now I'm posting diarrhea on a blog at...
"which enabled President Johnson to gain all the intended effects of the ad without any media buy."
This seemed to be the goal of the most effective ads in 2006/2008. We'll see how it works now that...
You get a burger with fries,
But wait, there's more!
We have all the calories
Posted on a board!!
But if that makes you grim,
And wishing you're slim,
You can now drown your fear
With beer in Times...
Only two things I know of get less expensive (in real dollars) as time goes by and the products are improved. One is technology. The other is street drugs.
Skype gives new meaning to this phrase.
Everything was chessier in the 80's. It was Morning in America!
Back then, each McDonald's franchise was required to have a chicken coop in the back laying enough eggs to satisfy customer demand.
And then they went and replaced them with the play areas.
Ladies and gentlemen: I give you the very first steroid dealer on NFL grounds!
missing intro line:
William S. Burroughs invented the adding machine in 1886.
William S. Burroughs Jr. published Naked Lunch in 1959
The archaeologist in the beginning looks like Teddy Roosevelt. Who would definitely be a Big Mac guy.
I can't imagine that the average viewer today would get the central point of this: that monks copy out scripture, to show and improve their devotion.
They even make a nod towards indoctrinating the very young (at :11)!
The techs on the shoot had misplaced the key, so were forced to use medium grade bolt-cutters to slice through the U shaped part. The mishap added two minutes to the operation, 1:50 of which was...