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I guess I instinctively laugh whenever I see Dorff. Not sure if it was SFW or City of Industry that first made me feel this way.
But if it works, it works.
Fascinating. Almost makes more sense to have viewers first watch the making of, understand the work put in, and then watch the finished final product.
"We're all adults here."
The little making of featurette is mind blowing. Dorff claims that him and his friends actually decided, one day, to shoot a commercial for this product, unsolicited.
At a small bar I frequent in Germany menus (entirely in German except for the drink name which is in English) for specialized drinks containing the stuff list "Mexican Pussy," "Tropical Pussy," and...
Being aware of a pivotal moment of violence that contributed to the American revolution does not qualify one as a nerd. That's being informed.
And this is a joke. Nike expects Americans to maturely...
"Can't you see I'm in pain?"
Awesome. Almost makes up for The Crow II.
As someone who schedules social life around multiple men's league teams, and as person chasing glory long left in the past, I'm certainly part of their target audience. I also think they hit the...