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CommercialsKia Stinger - Steven Tyler / Feel something again (2018) :60 (USA) Dabitch01 month 1 week ago
CommercialsBud Light - The Bud Knight (2018) :60 (USA) Dabitch01 month 1 week ago
CommercialsPepsi - "This is the Pepsi..." (2018) :60 (USA) Dabitch01 month 1 week ago
CommercialsSprint - "Evelyn, the robot" (2018) :60 (USA) Dabitch01 month 1 week ago
CommercialsDoritos Blaze vs Mtn Dew Ice - Morgan Freeman & Missy Elliot vs Peter Dinklage & Busta Rhymes (2018) :60 (USA) Dabitch01 month 1 week ago
Story46 years of Super Bowl Commercials. Dabitch11 month 1 week ago
CommercialsAmazon - Alexa loses her voice (2018) :90 (USA) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsFebreze - The only man whose *bleep* doesn't stink (2018) :30 (USA) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsVirgin Trains - Decision Time, Valerie: Train Vs Car (2017) :30 (UK) Dabitch21 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsHummer H3 - Monster - long (2005) 0:60 (USA) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsMcDonald's - Big Mac - (1975) 0:60 (USA) Dabitch31 month 2 weeks ago
StoryNorton Internet Security kills entire websites, but fails to hide actual ads. Dabitch51 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsMotts - "Clamato" - 0:30 (USA) 1969 Dabitch21 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsJaguar British Villains 'Rendezvous' - (2014) :60 (USA) Dabitch11 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsAmazon Prime - Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018) :60 (USA) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago
StoryWANKER Beer - where can I get my hands on one? malkie6671 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsLexus LS 500 F SPORT - "Long Live the King / Black Panther extended cut (2018) :60 (USA) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsBudweiser - Clydesdale and Mouse (2001) - 0:60 (USA) claymore31 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsStella Artois - Taps / Matt Damon (20189 :30 (USA) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsGroupon - Who Wouldn't? (2018) :30 (USA) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsBudweiser - Stand By You / Water (2018) :60 (USA) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsM&M's - Danny Devito / "Human" / Lucky Penny (2018) :45 (USA) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago
StoryMisha Collins asks writers to work for free, gets ass handed to him. kidsleepy541 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsMichelob Ultra - Chris Pratt The Perfect Fit extended cut super bowl ad (2018) :90 (USA) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsDoritos Super Bowl teaser - Missy Elliot & Morgan Freeman vs Busta Rhymes & Peter Dinklage (2018) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago


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So one could argue .... Honda was helpful to you, aye?
It's even a better ad for Billy King than for Lyft. Protecting his wife with his own body? Oh man. Chivalry isn't dead.
Oh dear, I forgot my Danish Candy. This is good stuff. ;)
(I also have the black logo on a giant soft fleece which I have in my toddlers pram for heat/sudden picknic ideas. It gets a giggle from...
Exactly. The pinkwashing, greenwashing and whatever-else-washing is tedious, people see through the crude attempts to latch on to a social cause while still just being your run of the mill...
You're right, this looks a lot more like me.
If that voicelessfaceless guy is you TDD, you did a great job in the Maltese Falcon.
More of Robblinks suggestions (I just photoshopped them together):
And this triple whammy -...
It's possible the idea "Bob Ross was a PTSD vietnam vet" hit more than one creative funny-mind, and there's several versions of this out there since so many commenters have brought this up saying...
That discussion about the ad was far too easily derailed, huh? 😂
Yep, there are so many things wrong with this ad I'm amazed it made it through production. It offends every religion involved, and for what? The Buddhist monk is a materialist, the priest ditches...
Of course it did! And me too, actually. The old "lets do all the super bowl ad stereotypes in one ad" is a Super Bowl ad stereotype by now.
The fish eye lens, the hair-in-many-knots, the midriff baring shirts, the green cast - you could not get more 90s if you tried. This is a visual feast of 90s. Love it.
Who on earth saves a 90s beer until 2012 is what I want too know.
This is a comment magnet. Not an informative comment magnet though.....
I saw this while attending ad-school and the entire class laughed themselves silly.
@snowmama , I know Gaten Matarazzo has cleidocranial dysplasia which affects his teeth. There are some commenters above mocking his lisp, but we stuck to mocking the sales pitch, not his delivery of...