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StoryAnheuser-Busch kills Amy Schumer & Seth Rogen "Party" campaign as sales decline Dabitch124 months 15 hours ago
StoryDanish Socialists don't want Americans to vote for Trump kidsleepy14 months 15 hours ago
Story"Undocumented Immigrant? Before You Get Deported, Get a Sugar Daddy,” billboard targets Austin's undocumented women Dabitch04 months 15 hours ago
StoryA Date with the Donald. Reporter Climbed TrumpWorld's Tower of Babble and Survived Linnett04 months 15 hours ago
StoryReminder: "People are taking the piss out of you everyday" is Sean Tejaratchi not Banksy Dabitch04 months 15 hours ago
StoryAdBlock acceptable ads platform is - wait for it - blocked! Dabitch04 months 15 hours ago
StoryPepe The Frog may decide the US election Dabitch44 months 15 hours ago
StoryAdblock Plus now sells ad space in ....adblock. Dabitch04 months 15 hours ago
StoryCATS cover Clapham Common station in #CatsNotAds - no ads at all Dabitch04 months 15 hours ago
StoryPlanned Parenthood call women "menstruators", receive twitter backlash from their target market Dabitch24 months 15 hours ago
Story#YouTubeIsOverParty trends when content creators discover Youtube policies are enforced - is seen as censorship Dabitch24 months 15 hours ago
StoryYoutube tightens rules for brand sponsored videos Dabitch04 months 15 hours ago
StoryGeneral Mill pitch: agencies must have 50% women and 20% people of color in creative department Dabitch04 months 15 hours ago
StoryTL;DR Gawker broke the law - it doesn't matter who funded the suit Dabitch44 months 15 hours ago
StoryEND CAMPUS RAPE - women are now notches on a helmet. Dabitch04 months 15 hours ago
StoryDominos accused of "rape culture" for "no is the new yes" line. Dabitch44 months 15 hours ago
StoryBanjo, Sydney ad agency, apologises for alleged 'racial' incident Dabitch04 months 15 hours ago
StorySpotify enables programmatic: selling your fans out to the highest bidders in realtime Dabitch04 months 15 hours ago
StoryOp-ed: Twitter banned Milo to stay attractive to film studio advertisers Dabitch14 months 15 hours ago
StoryThe Transport Accident Commission wants you to meet Graham kidsleepy14 months 15 hours ago
StoryFOX apologises for X-men billboard showing Mystique in a chokehold Dabitch04 months 15 hours ago
StoryLena Dunham wants to remove guns from film billboards Dabitch14 months 15 hours ago
StoryWarner Brothers gets fined by FTC, PewDiePie skates free kidsleepy64 months 15 hours ago
StoryPokémon GO is Pokémon Grabbing your data kidsleepy54 months 15 hours ago
StoryCasting Director Dea Vise lost everything in home fire Dabitch04 months 15 hours ago


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So one could argue .... Honda was helpful to you, aye?
It's even a better ad for Billy King than for Lyft. Protecting his wife with his own body? Oh man. Chivalry isn't dead.
Oh dear, I forgot my Danish Candy. This is good stuff. ;)
(I also have the black logo on a giant soft fleece which I have in my toddlers pram for heat/sudden picknic ideas. It gets a giggle from...
Exactly. The pinkwashing, greenwashing and whatever-else-washing is tedious, people see through the crude attempts to latch on to a social cause while still just being your run of the mill...
You're right, this looks a lot more like me.
If that voicelessfaceless guy is you TDD, you did a great job in the Maltese Falcon.
More of Robblinks suggestions (I just photoshopped them together):
And this triple whammy -...
It's possible the idea "Bob Ross was a PTSD vietnam vet" hit more than one creative funny-mind, and there's several versions of this out there since so many commenters have brought this up saying...
That discussion about the ad was far too easily derailed, huh? 😂
Yep, there are so many things wrong with this ad I'm amazed it made it through production. It offends every religion involved, and for what? The Buddhist monk is a materialist, the priest ditches...
Of course it did! And me too, actually. The old "lets do all the super bowl ad stereotypes in one ad" is a Super Bowl ad stereotype by now.
The fish eye lens, the hair-in-many-knots, the midriff baring shirts, the green cast - you could not get more 90s if you tried. This is a visual feast of 90s. Love it.
Who on earth saves a 90s beer until 2012 is what I want too know.
This is a comment magnet. Not an informative comment magnet though.....
I saw this while attending ad-school and the entire class laughed themselves silly.
@snowmama , I know Gaten Matarazzo has cleidocranial dysplasia which affects his teeth. There are some commenters above mocking his lisp, but we stuck to mocking the sales pitch, not his delivery of...