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CommercialsVW / Volkswagen Beetle Convertible - Bubble Teaser (2002) - 0:60 (USA) claymore11 month 1 week ago
CommercialsUnicef - Likes don't save lives - Brothers (2013) Dabitch01 month 1 week ago
CommercialsKingdom of Sports "Fat Kills!" (2013) 1:15 (Germany) kidsleepy11 month 1 week ago
CommercialsKeep Oakland Beautiful "Cigarette" (2013) :15 (U.S.A.) Dabitch01 month 1 week ago
CommercialsKeep Oakland Beautiful "Plastic Rings" (2013) :15 (U.S.A.) Dabitch01 month 1 week ago
CommercialsThe New Maccabee Beer "Tasty Tasty" (2013) 2:02 (Israel) Dabitch01 month 1 week ago
Commercials91 Rock Radio "91 Rock Clock" 1:25 (Brazil) Dabitch01 month 1 week ago
CommercialsHonda Civic - The Power Of Screams - (2006) 2:00 (UK) Dabitch61 month 1 week ago
CommercialsRexona - Stunt City var (2006) :30 (UK) Dabitch01 month 1 week ago
CommercialsSure - Stunt City - (2005) 0:60 (UK) Dabitch01 month 1 week ago
CommercialsChef Boyardee - Pac-Man Pastas (early 1980s classic) 0:30 (USA) Dabitch11 month 1 week ago
CommercialsSIXT Wi-fi guerilla rental offer at stations (2008) Dabitch01 month 1 week ago
CommercialsTidsam - Buy a magazine instead / Wifi-ads - (2012) Dabitch51 month 1 week ago
CommercialsSkittles - Mothers Day / Umbilical - (2017) :30 (USA) Dabitch41 month 1 week ago
CommercialsLiveRiga "Blogger" (2017) 1:20 (Latvia) kidsleepy11 month 1 week ago
CommercialsBudget Direct - Captain Risky's Caravan (2017) :30 (Australia) Dabitch01 month 1 week ago
CommercialsTDK - Andy Warhol (1984) 0:17 (Japan) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago
StorySandboarding, Celebrities And A Nice Scotch With Michael Deane claymore51 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsLux - Brooke Shields (1998) 0:30 (Japan) claymore11 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsNiagara Mohawk - We're With You (local) (1983) - 0:30 (USA) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsVW / Volkswagen Jetta - Wedding AKA The Big Day - long (2001) - 0:60 (USA) Dabitch51 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsShredded wheat - Café - (1983) 0:30 (UK) Dabitch11 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsMerrill Lynch - Chess (1983) - 0:30 (USA) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsAlaska - Where Have You Been? (1982) - 0:30 (USA) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago
CommercialsHeineken - Someday Soon (1982) - 0:30 (USA) Dabitch01 month 2 weeks ago


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I'm not sure, but they should be. Please email the San Diego Zoo to suggest it.
Yes, if the desert surroundings didn't give it away, you can clearly see the Faisaliyah in the skyline shots. The Kingdom building is in profile otherwise you'd recognise that too.
Trivia: when German's finger count they use their thumbs. So two is thumb and index-finger. Not sure how you'd show four, so maybe that is a German kid after all.
It actually is kinda fun, because it's a little difficult to scream control something, and you feel very very silly.
Remember when Apple banned a bunch of games and apps featuring the Confederate flag?
No that's a law everywhere in the US, the federal Clean Water Act requires that cremated remains be scattered at least three nautical miles from land - if you are scattering ashes at sea.
You can...
how bizarre.... Smashing conversation over at mefi, cracks me up this;
How about the photographer that took the original photo. Isn't there a copyright violation of some sort here. Or did Prince...
" it feels more like a straight ahead spot the client would have made in-house than branded content."
hahaha, yep. Accurate. It was cringeworthy. Not as cringeworthy as Elisabeth Moss confronting...
The verdict is in from Trump. He doesn't like it because it disturbed his kids. Well, he said "are having a hard time with this", but I'll assume it meant it worried them because it was a rather...
Aw, that's so sweet!
I haven't felt this awkward since I was 14
You are so accurate about that song.
I do love the spotlight execution here, that's great. The horses, the suburbia with the little dog, all great details. What I do not love is that he became an...
"very different for the genre" - yes! This! It blows the usual wavy hair shiny happy people shit away. I find that really refreshing. I am the target, since I have long hair, and they got me with...
*sobs* But I love the astronaut!! It's so irreverent! Dangit!
I hear you on the possibilities of dropping lines at the end. It works perfectly with "I want to be... her" and then we see our gorgeous...