Ben and Jerry Street art - Dublin is made of ice-cream

Ben and Jerry's Ireland introduced their new Core flavour Karamel Sutra to Dublin via this installation where a giant spoon dug into Dublin's core to find said ice-cream. To create this, Ben & Jerry teamed up with street art activist Will St Leger and built this punny "good to the core" moment in Dublin’s city centre.


Rock Paper Scissors Cuts Refreshed Go Daddy Campaign / Marlena & Wallace Berries (2012)

Rock Paper Scissors Cuts Refreshed Go Daddy Campaign / Marlena & Wallace Berries (2012)

Don't wave goodbye to the barely-clad babes just yet, but Go Daddy has introduced a whole new cast of characters short on looks and big on brains.


Popchips pulls "Raj the Bollywood producer" from world wide lovers campaign as it's seen as racist

Here's an update on those popchips ads we posted earlier this week. Gawker pondered if "racism sells?", since Asthon Kutcher put on a brownface when he played "Raj the Bollywood producer" in the popchips world wide lovers campaign. After Gawker wrote about it, so did Anil Dash and the ad has now been pulled off the intarwebs by the Popchips company. Quoting Gawker here who seem to have the same issue I have with these ads, they just plain ain't funny.

Following a thoughtful piece by Anil Dash criticizing Popchips usage of brownface in their latest ad campaign, the company's founder, Keith Belling, apologized "to anyone we offended," and promptly pulled the ad. Snippets of "Raj" still remain in this composite ad, but it too will likely be removed shortly and revised.


Cooperman Joins jumP

jumP LA is delighted to announce the hiring of veteran editor Richard Cooperman. His recent work for L'Oreal, Lincoln and T-mobile, in collaboration with Jonas Akerlund and Emnet Mulugeta via top tier agencies, offers prime examples of the creative and technical spark he brings to jumP.

"We are so excited to continue building our LA office with a talent like Richard," noted jumP LA EP Betsy Beale. "He brings the exact combination of talent and experience that we were looking for to expand our roster."


Decon Keeps Rolling with Sacha Jenkins

After snagging a pair of key advertising talents in EP Misha Louy and CD Wyatt Neumann, Decon is keeping the momentum going with the addition of publishing, music and TV veteran Sacha Jenkins. He will play a major role in the studio's burgeoning ad business, in addition to bolstering its well-established music division.


V changes their logo to "Vultures", Klouchebag tells the truth and Nerf shoots themselves in the foot

Vänsterpartiet (formerly vänsterpartiet kommunisterna now known only as the left party) have updated their V in their logo and suddenly all I can think about is the vultures who have that same V tattooed in their forehead. Hat tip @Lordfredruk.


Tribal DDB Israel first ad agency website on instagram, while Holler already claimed pinterest

Whenever something gets "hot" in these here intarwebs, ad agencies act either like deers caught in headlights or settlers racing to claim land in Oklahoma. The latest land rush ad agencies are Tribal DDB Israel who stuck their ad agency flag in Instagram creating an agency website one can navigate around using hashtags, if one can be arsed. Meanwhile the Holler agency in Sydney Australia pinned their entire agency website onto pinterest. Wow, we're long past the days of "lets ask the clients if we are allowed to do that" aren't we? Modernista!'s former "javascript our URL around every mention of us on the web" stunt and BooneOakley's Youtube website seems so far away now.


KittyCat Hijack any web page.

Temptations have created a bookmarklet that will KittyCat Hijack any webpage, as in "Great, now there's gonna be cats everywhere" (Milk Truck). Yes, we've seen this web page takeover thing before but the scottish fold is so kyoot I thought I'd show you how to pepper a page with teh kyoot. Just go to this facebook page and grab the bookmarklet. Then shake the kitty bag anywhere you want cats.

credits - Client: Mars Canada Inc. TEMPTATIONSR Treats
Creative Agency: Proximity BBDO
SVP, Executive Creative Director: John Gagne
Creative Director: Dave Stevenson