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  • Nike gets real in ads to women

    Adage yesterday pointed out Nike's new advertising, by W+K, aimed at women. The print ads (there is no TV) feature six different body parts, from shoulders to thighs, and copy that is a bit sassy.

    Nancy Monsarrat, Nike's U.S. ad director, called the branding campaign an extension of the "If You Let Me Play" campaign geared toward women that Nike ran in the late 1990s -- with one exception. "In the '90s we finally got smart and said, 'Hey, let’s talk to women.' But we never talked specifically about women’s bodies, and that’s a hot topic right now."

    Read on to check out the ads.

  • The bully-discourse will only serve to distract from everyones point, Amanda Palmer

    Since Adland's Kidsleepy first posted about the call for free musicians in who killed Amanda Palmer's career? we received mainly comments that were ad hominem attacks on Kidsleepy being a "bitter cynical person". Ah, well, haters are gonna hate as they say, but it's sad to see that so few of them can read. The update more on Amanda Palmer's greed has choice quotes from a live sound engineer who has worked with Amanda, making his points.

  • No Age enables Converse sweatshop workers by protesting sweatshop workers.

    This story comes out of Pitchfork.

    "Experimental" "Punk" band No Age hoisted a giant F.U. to Converse at a recent show on December 18th in Barcelona, while also enabling Converse to sell shoes because it was a Converse sponsored event.

    No Age have done this anti-corporate stuff before, headlining an Anti Walmart concert protesting Walmart. I believe it was called the Low Hanging Fruit concert.

  • Nerd Alert - R2-D2 mailboxes invade USA

    R2D2 The Seattlepi reports that the Star Wars droid R2-D2 has a new job - to collect mail.

    The post office is wrapping mail collection boxes in some 200 cities nationwide in a special covering to look like R2-D2.
    It's part of a promotion for a new stamp to be announced March 28, said Anita T. Bizzotto, the post office's chief marketing officer.
    "It's a little teaser for the upcoming announcement and we decided to have a little fun with it," she said.
    Now watch out for star wars fans stealing mailboxes. ;)




  • Mellow Mushroom "First wife" (2016) :15 (USA)
    Mellow Mushroom "First wife" (2016) :15 (USA)

    "Mellow Mushroom can give you a more satisfying eating experience than you had with your first wife." Wow. That's taking the voice over to a whole other level of extremity.

  • Take a lump of Play Doh, some gaffer tape, a Benz...

    How do you promote Paris without cheesy shots of berets, baguettes and old babes with poodles?





The New York Times "The Truth is Hard" (2017) :30 (USA)
The New York Times "The Truth is Hard" (2017) :30 (USA)

The truth is our nation is more divided than ever. The truth is alternative facts are lies. The truth is a woman should dress like a woman. The truth is women's rights are human rights.

SetApp "How to get the best apps" (2017) 1:21 (USA)
SetApp "How to get the best apps" (2017) 1:21 (USA)

Setapp is your short cut to the best Mac apps. That means you don't have to spend hours hunting for the right one, or deal with pop ups or in-app purchases. So you can get on with your life.

Bebe Rexha - I Got You (2017) 3:41 (USA)
Bebe Rexha - I Got You (2017) 3:41 (USA)

Model/dancers do their best Busby Berkeley-style synchronized routine both in the water and out, in this music video directed by Jessica Sanders for Bebe Rexha's hit "I got you." The swimming gro

DB Export "Sand made from Bottles" (2017) 1:53 (New Zealand)
DB Export "Sand made from Bottles" (2017) 1:53 (New Zealand)

About 60,000 tons of glass goes to landfill every year. It's a wasted opportunity to recycle it. In this case by turning it into sand.

Epique "#BeautyNotANumber" (2017) 3:54 (India)
Epique "#BeautyNotANumber" (2017) 3:54 (India)

Epique conducted a social experiment to see what women think about the concept of ageism.

ACLU TX - Taking a Seat, Making a Stand (2017) :60 (USA)
ACLU TX - Taking a Seat, Making a Stand (2017) :60 (USA)

GSD&M, a usually quite creative ad agency in the heart of "weird" Austin, created this ad pro-bono together with five-time Academy Award-nominated director Richard Linklater.