Old Navy - Corporado Menswear - (2012) - 0:30 (USA)

Old Navy - Corporado Menswear - (2012) - 0:30 (USA)

Old Navy gives Dockers and Haggar each a big kick in the relaxed-fit ass.

Ran during the kickoff show.


Which ad won the super bowl? Madonna's.

So, approximately 169 million people have been buzzing all day around the various watercoolers in the offices of the world, pondering who won the adbowl. The answer is: Madonna did. Refactoring iconic Hollywood with an entrance fit for Elizabeth Taylor, roping in slackrope walkers, doing handstands with cirque du soleil and dubbing her pop princesses, Madonna just showed all you advertising people up. She might have slipped once, but she can hipshake with the best of them, and isn't afraid to elbow one half of LMFAO in the chest for missing his cue. She just showed you adfolks how one borrows interest, rides the wave of the latest trends, and dresses up in "been done before" without losing sight of selling her own brand in the process. Unlike some of the ads in this years superbowl, I think Madonna will move the most units. You ad kids should take notes.


Shit advertising students say (stick a fork in this, we're done)

Oh noes, there's yet another shit  says out there, and somehow apropos that it's the ad students latching on to the meme last. I had to post this anyway, for two reasons. 1: the use of comic sans in the end title, ha ha you sarcastic kids, and 2: the fact that they're still saying what we used to say when we were ad students.
Well, apart from the "I don't know coding so I have to be with someone who does" line. We used to say "I can't spell, so I have to be with someone who can". Who am I kidding, we never said that.

The agency letter joking was a bit too far kids. That joke is so old KFC used to be called "ye olde Kentucky Fricasseed Chicken" when it was first told.


Samsung Mobile - Thing Called Love - (2012)

Samsung Mobile - Thing Called Love - (2012)

Oh dear. Is that singer a Justin Hawkins from The Darkness?

I'm with die-hard apple fanboy/a beard short for a *nix-nerd guy. "That was over the top". Indeed. Way over the top.


Best Buy - Phone Innovators - (2012)

Best Buy - Phone Innovators - (2012)

Oh look, even the guys who created Words With Friends get angry glares from the stewardess when they play with their smartphones on planes. Lets all chuckle and nod to each other that we recognize that...


Bud Light goes to the dogs - for laughs. They've done the fetching dog before.

Tonight during super bowl XLVI Bud Light ran and ad with a talented dog in, a dog that will fetch as son as you say "here we go". And not just anything either, noo, this dog will fetch beer. What a practical dog to have. Better than a walking fridge.

Thing is, we've seen Bud Light kinda do this one before. In a super bowl, no less.