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British creative team wants to give your award the Legendary Lion Tour

There's a crazy creative team across the pond who asked a question to the British Advertising Industry this week: "Would you give away your precious Cannes Lion to two total strangers?"
The goal is to create the most Legendary Lion ever.


Gawker Just Went From Toxic To Radioactive

I don't know how prostitution works in the US. I really don't. But I know a little bit about how it works in the UK. Generally what happens is that you visit a website like 'Adultwork', call up a sex worker, organise a time and a place to meet, pay them in cash, have sex, and then leave.


Zulu Alpha Kilo has a cup for every employee.

But not just a random cup with a logo on it like you have in your agency. No, these are cups made for specific positions. A cup in the life (promoting its in-house café) calls out everyones role.


Carbon VFX Signs Design Director Leo Nguyen

Creative studio Carbon VFX is proud to announce the addition of award-winning Design Director Leo Nguyen.


Cole Haan defies gravity with Prepare For Takeoff.

ZeroGrand is all about lightweight flexibility, and cushioning.


Ellen Pao steps down as interim CEO of reddit while Steve Huffman returns

As detailed in "The Fall Of the house of Reddit", Ellen Pao's short tenure as interim CEO was filled with administrators leaving, being fired, unfulfilled promises and a petition with over 200,000 signatures asking for Pao to ste


High Wide and Handsome wants you to Ride Dirty

Ask any Angeleno and they'll tell you that California is under a severe drought. We're reminded of that every day, in fact. On the radio. On TV. Even on our freaking highway signs.