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Volvo: Now that we need you.

There was a time in America when you could tell what people's politics were just by looking at them. Long hair meant you were a Democrat. Wing-tip shoes, you were a Republican, and so on.

This even went as far as to what kind of car you drove. A Lincoln was most likely to have a Nixon sticker on the bumper. A Volkswagen bus, a peace sign. But a Volvo, a Volvo meant you cared. You wanted to clean up the environment, quit wasting natural resources, bring our troops home in an orderly fashion. You believed things should be built well and sold for the price that allowed the maker to make a profit, and the buyer to feel he or she had gotten a good value.

Volvo people cared about safety--a lot. Remember the Volvo ad with the stack of cars and the headline: "Are you in the market for a hardtop?" Straight forward, to the point, demonstrating instead of just promising.

It is simply amazing that, with millions and millions of two-ton bullets flying all over this country at 80 mph (oh, yes you do) that people, let alone automakers, don't talk about it more.


Life outside work?

Just checked out something from IKEA in England. It's a pretty heartfelt idea that hits in a good way. Basically the idea is that if you buy IKEA kitchens you save money and can spend extra time out of the office and use your time on other things like family, hobbies and the such.


No "squish" please we're British.

An ad encouraging men to get checked for prostate cancer, starring Ricky Gervais, comedian with a past as a new wave popstar now most famous for his role as David Brent in "The Office", has banned from radio waves before nine pm as it was too offensive.. A soundeffect has also been removed from the ad - a 'squish' noise - to santize the ad. Why? Well it's a touchy subject (pun intended) I guess. The sound effect is in the ad as Ricky who plays the doctor is inserting a finger to check the prostate.


US uses Hollywood images to try to boost foreign tourism

In an effort to boost foreign tourism to the USA the American Federal government is starting a $6 million advertising campaign in the UK this year (


Sony and Paddy Power ads upset Catholics

An ad celebrating the 10th anniversary of Sony's Playstation which ran in Italian newspapers and magazines has outraged Catholics.


Hamburg word-of-mouth marketing conference disorganized?

So what the hell is going with that International word-of-mouth marketing conference, being held in Hamburg, previously announced here?


Boeing/Bell Helicopters puts out a print ad and unleashes PR hell on themselves

Seattle Times shows us an ad that is amazingly un-PC - the most offensive bit is the headline: It descends from the heavens. Ironically it unleashes hell ... Consider it a gift from above.

The ad shows soldiers climbing from an Osprey helicopter onto the roof of a Mosque.


Sony to make something even more fantastic than Honda Grrr?

Rumor has it that Sony has made a film "even better than Honda Grr" - and those are some big bunny-shoes to fill. Rumor further stated that Fallon London hired director Nicolai Fuglsig to put it together, and a lot of bouncing balls were involved.
Now the only thing that seems to fit the bill are these thousands of bouncing balls raining down Filbert and Leavenworth in San Francisco this summer, a shoot done for a Sony commercial as stated at the internet archive where there's even a few films of the balls going downhill. Check it out.

Now, the question is, are the balls advertising for Sony music, Sony TV, Sony MD ... Sony, I dunno, balls? Hat tip to gossipers Jasper and Stacy. More flickr images here.