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Adidas swallows Reebok for $3.8 billion.

Claymore quipped: Adibok? Reedidas?
File under: Didn't see that one coming.
Reuters reports that Adidas buys Reebok for $3.8 billion in order to expand its reach in Nike's home market. Adidas described the deal sa freindly takeover.

"Together, we will expand our geographic reach, particularly in North America, and create a footwear, hardware offering that addresses a broader spectrum of consumers and demographics," Adidas Chief Executive Herbert Hainer said in statement.

Reebok Chairman and CEO Paul Fireman would continue to run the Reebok brand, Adidas said.

"Adidas is the perfect partner for Reebok," Fireman said in the statement, adding: "This transaction provides our shareholders with good value for their shares."


We hear Scared people Childline viral launched

Are you a child in trouble and need someone to talk to? Call back during office hours.

Aye, that could be the grim future for the usual 24-hour service ChildLine, as their funds are extremely low. To prevent this they have launched an emergency appeal, and with that of course, an advert. Enfant terribles Lee and Dan have grabbed their camera again to shoot a sixth sense style ad produced by Quiet Storm. Most of the crew lending a hand on this ad worked entirely for free, and childline are looking to place it on reduced fee cinema and/or TV airings in the UK. Meanwhile they have the ad and their plea available on this website: We Hear Scared People.

ChildLine Founder and Chair Esther Rantzen said:
"Many of the desperate children we speak to overnight are facing real emergencies and don’t know where else to turn for help.
In the loneliest hours of the night we have called ambulances for children who have tried to commit suicide, found shelter for children thrown out of their homes and called the police or social service for children who can no longer live with the abuse they've endured.
The emergency appeal we are launching today is the only way to ensure that our lines are always open whenever a child needs us. Donate now by calling 0800 876 6000 or visiting our website."


Carolina Klüft poses for Reebok poster campaign again

The Arnell Group and RSA USA began their campaign with selected athletes such as Carolina Klüft already last Feb, and when Carolina won gold in Athens last year the poster campaign with Carolina that was runni


CoBrandit? Consumer made ads.

The entreprenuerial cousins at OBTV invite you to coBrandit - make an advert for either Beer, Gear, or Cars (and make it look good) and they'll pay you $50 for it.

It all started this way: My cousin Jesse and I were sitting around drinking beer. Heineken. And we were talking about how, from a mktg standpoint, Heineken was right where it wanted to be: in our 'fridge, on our table, in our hands, being drunk (er, consumed...) That being the case, any additional mktg dollars spent on us by Heineken would be wasted (er, unneccessary). So instead of spending more cash on advertising to Jesse and I, Heineken should be giving us their money directly, in exhange for which we would give them video testimony of our world and Heineken's place in it. It was (and is) our belief that a documentary of that sort would be a lot more interesting than a typical stupid ad.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum.


We are not afraid. Yes we are!

After the press-success of Sorry Everybody.com where Americans apologised for W Bush being re-elected, spoofs were bound to happen. The idea has been resurrected after the London bombings, now there' is a similar send-in-your-pictures site called we're not afraid.
Some people find it rather silly, and have started their anti-versions, like We're cacking ourselves and I am fucking terrified where people are so scared they crawl up their own bums to hide.


The Winners of The Great Canadian Commercial Contest.

The Great Canadian Commercial Contest Announces The Winners Of The April 2005 Event

The challenge was to create The Great Canadian Commercial in only 48 hours. Open to emerging and established filmmakers from across Canada, The Great Canadian Commercial is a first of its kind annual event that took place on April 15, 2005.

Participants in the event were asked to create a 30-second public service announcement commercial for one charity from five selected for the event. The commercials were judged by broadcast producers from the top ad agencies in the city of Vancouver, Canada.

The five winners work is available for viewing. A DVD is available for purchase with all 44 spots.

The ads for The Great Canadian Commercial Contest can be viewed at www.ihaveanidea.org


Live Ads in Video Games

From the Wall Street Journal: Videogame Ads Attempt Next Level

Advertising in videogames, dominated in the past by static ads such as billboards and signposts, is beginning to look more like TV commercials.

For the past few weeks, Massive Inc., a New York company that distributes ads in videogames, has been testing an ad with full motion and sound in a science-fiction game called Anarchy Online. Today, Massive will roll out the full-motion ad capability to advertisers generally.

It won't be long until nowhere will be safe from advertisers.


Is there a ceiling for product placement?

Inside Branded Entertainment ponders the ceiling for product placements. Over the last year there has been about 100% growth. If this keeps up at the current rate, how much placement clutter will there be?

At some point, marketers and networks will have to figure out how many placements per hour viewers are willing to tolerate. If they don't, "It's going to defeat the purpose," said Michael Yudin, managing director of Carat Entertainment in New York.