Standing on the shoulders of Giants.

I knew exactly what to expect - I thought - as I got review copies of Herman Vaske's new book "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" sent over. I already have a collection of in my opinion, best interviews from Lurzers Archive photocopied and slammed in a binder at home, with two available in the Ad books section - Paul Arden and Tim Mellors - but there is a vast difference between my photocopied binder and the real deal. A thick book, sectioned into Creatives (among them, Cliff Freeman, Helmut Krone, Neil French, Neville Brody to name but a few - Tim Mellors not included) and Directors (Wim Wenders, Tony Kaye, Dennis Hopper, Paul Weiland and Tarsem and the likes) runs 376 pages or so. It has introductions to each category - art copy or director interviews by Keith Reinhard, Marcello Serpa and Joe Pytka respectively and color print to flaunt the interviewees best or favourite works. It's quite nice to have them all collected with big color photographs of the big guns themselves in one book rather than a bunch of magazines, easily packed as company on flights to boring meetings. Plus I keep finding - to my surprise - interviews I missed before, Like David Drooga's and Dave Trott's. ;-) Philippe Stark figures that advertising is a parasite of society, whilst George Lois reckons it should be poison gas instead. Tony Kaye figures he invented Hype Art while Paul Arden says It's right to be wrong. Yes folks, all the soundbites from the worlds best are in here, and you'd do worse than give on away for Xmas ( to yourself, perhaps?) I'm giving my review copy away in the competition I just announced.
Merry christmas !

Image of Standing on the Shoulder of Giants: Hermann Vaske's Conversations with the Masters of Advertising
Publisher: Gestalten Verlag ()
Binding: Paperback, pages
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