press & poster ads


Press & Poster ads


Churchill - the movie - (2015)

This year, fans of Churchill the insurance hound will be able to see their nodding hero star in his very own film. Story lines and location are for the time being kept strictly under wraps. However, it can be revealed that the film aims to be quintessentially British and will take place at a series of iconic locations across the UK.


Dinosaurs Alive - They're Here

Dinosaurs Alive is back from extinction at the Calgary Zoo.


Clio Awards want you to know the Best Idea Wins

Best idea wins for borrowed interest category, anyway. Right? I expect to see these in CA soon.


Carlsberg Hof - Probably the best beer FOR the world

In launching their first all organic beer, Carlsberg decided to revive their "Probably the best beer in the world" line.
Switching off the lights for earth hour may help the planet, and switching to an all organic brew helps too. So, on the day of the global initiative Earth Hour, Carlsberg will run this ad in Sweden alerting Swedes to Carlsberg's new brew.


Surfers against sewage

Nick 'the Tailor', is a Philadelphia tattoo artist. He created some "tattoos" to help spread the word about marine litter. Like tattoos, the litter is permanent. Unlike tattoos, we'll regret the damage we've done to the ocean a lot longer. And that even goes for those of you who got tribal tattoos and tramp stamps back in the 90's.


Cheil UK creates eclipse-themed ad for Samsung

Today's total eclipse occurring on the equinox is a pretty rare event. To capitalize on it, Cheil UK cranked out this eclipse-themed Samsung Galaxy S6 print ad.


Spirit Airlines celebrates 69 and copywanking.

Bravo Spirit Airlines. Acquiring it's 69th plane seemed like a great time for a copywanker to cram in (geddit) as many sex puns as possible for a promotion for $69 dollar plane fares. The easily offended (I.E.


Mercedes-Benz Brazil gets sarcastic for Ago

The headline translates into "How to take a spin in a car that isn't yours." If this is lost on you, I'll explain. Eike Batista, was once the richest man in Brazil. He lost almost all his money and was then had some assets siezed. One of the judges in the case took one look at Batista's cars and went ahead and helped himself to a joy ride. This headline humorously mocks that recent scandal.


NYU Langone Orthopedics

To go along with its videos, Langone Orthopedics presents some OOH for New York's everyday athletes. Fun campaign.


Dinosaurs Alive - They're Back

Sometimes things don’t always stay extinct. Dinosaurs Alive is returning to the Calgary Zoo this spring.