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Press & Poster ads


Bazooka - Air Bag (2007) Print (Brussels)

Little kid and his big pink airbag. Nicely done, Duval Guillaume Brussels very simple.


Tom Ford Perfume For Men - sold by hot wet naked women.

No strangers to controversy Tom Ford decided to launch his new scent by placing the perfume bottles on the shaven genitals of very naked models. No more G's shaved into pubic hair, this time we have no pubic hair at all! Does this mean it smells like pee? I'm not sure, but Terry Richardson probably had a grand old time instructing the model to squeeze the perfume bottle between her breasts as if she was in a porn movie. Whomever the fluffer... sorry... makeup artists was must have been amused too, likely called in to re-apply the shiny oil on her skin every five seconds.

And then they all went home and did more coke. True story.


AdOfDaMonth tests your ad knowledge

Here's a new campaign for adofdamonth.com, created by Dalbir Singh from Ogilvy & Mather Budapest. See campaign inside.


RED BULL invites you to....

Red Bull invites you to an event in the Netherlands. See inside for the full poster.



Axe labs launched fragrance with science and playboy bunnies

This campaign was shortlisted for the coveted Cannes Integrated/Titanium, as well as One Show integrated, it was a Kelly awards finalist, and the website was the runner up for a Webby award - in short, it got around. Slut!

"The key was to strike the right balance of adult humor, typical Axe sexiness, and serious pseudo-scientific analysis so that it was appealing to a slightly more sophisticated target." - Tim Geoghegan, Creative.


Honda Civic hybrid generation - Suicide - with 0% CO2 emissions

Honda hybrid generation with 0% CO2 emissions means you have to resort to good old fashioned rope to kill yourself.

Note: spec work.


Pretty but cryptic ad poster / Hajime Watanabe for Lejay-Cassis.

This gorgeous shot is taken by photographer Hajime Watanabe for Lejay-Cassis.

I'm curious though, is delirium tremens something that Lejay-Cassis considers a selling point? Japanese advertising is always a bit "out there" in my eyes, most likely because I'm not Japanese and thus am probably missing a large part of the idea. Or maybe Japanese ads are just plain weird, take your pick. I do wonder, if we had seen the model in the mirror instead of the bottle where exactly would the mans hand be placed on her body? He's cusping her tit isn't he? "Ah, Lejay, your bosom is smooth and perky like a red currant"


Drench - Plant (2007) Print (UK)

Britvic's youthful spring water brand Drench, is rather clear in what it is attempting to communicate - drink more (Drench) water.

The ad kicks off a three month, £2.4 million promotional campaign (supported on radio and in-store) for Britvic. From britvic.co.uk:

"The new Drench campaign allows us to communicate an engaging message around mental hydration that differentiates us from other water brands on the market," said Andrew Marsden, marketing director, Britvic. "Consumer response to this concept has been positive to date with the new tagline receiving a very strong and positive response in testing."

"Drench has established itself as a credible and youthful brand and this new campaign will build on this by using charm and humour to continue to give Drench a distinctive and appealing personality."

See the ad inside.


Bunnylicious stories for British Council in Hungary

How do you entice people who don't know English into learning it? Tell them it's rewarding, of course. See a new campaign for the British Council from Ogilvy & Mather, Budapest inside, and yes the original tagline was in Hungarian.


Japenese Häagen-Dazs® outdoor posters

Häagen-Dazs® outdoor posters from Japan.
Where the tasty photography tempts us to imagine the taste of natural flavours.