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Another ridiculous waste of taxpayers money--a campaign promoting the use of money in the world capital of capitalism. Shot by Bob Giraldi, a big bucks director no less. The bottomline here is that this campaign was launched in the spring and I have yet to encounter one in a Walmart or anywhere else. Maybe they didn''''t have a budget left to produce them after the ad campaign.

This is an example of a classic goof--unsynchronized marketing. Creating demand and being unable to fulfill it. Who was the coin created for in the first place-vending machine operators and casino owners? If dollar coins were such a great idea the Susan B. Anthony dollar would still be around.

And it''''s a real kick in the head to learn Washington isn''''t even on the coin! Of course, its only shown in passing in the TV spot so how would you know? Sacagawea? Why didn''''t they put Sasquatch on the coin? If they weren''''t going the Founding Fathers route they could have had Big Foot, aliens and a whole X-Files series. They could have gotten co-op money from the producers of the X-Files and saved us taxpayers some coin.

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