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Even worse than the badland is the "reason #19".

I think you should have to prove that you've actually shown reasons #1-18 before you can be allowed to use this tired device.

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It's like a video version of "our dumb century."

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Oh yeah maybe so, they came on one after the other.

I found a video of the intro to 3-2-1 contact but it didn't have this clip. They also have electric company:

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My adgrunt status is currently "unspectacular" (a far cry from super) and I cannot see the video, but from just the clip I would say that it's a parody of a little clip that was shown on the PBS show, 3-2-1 contact. A red ball was released at the top, and it rolled along, knocking down flags and starting a ferris wheel type thing in motion, etc. Sort of a Rube Goldberg roller coaster. i think at the end a cherry was put onto a sundae or something. (or maybe I am just confusing that with the red ball).

Also on 3-2-1 contact were the bloodhound gang (whenever there's trouble, we're there on the double!), spiderman, and a thing where when people would talk, typography would fly out of their mouths. (possibly involving spiderman).

Now you can finally go to sleep.

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Stevia is clearly not made from any chemicals–I've eaten raw stevia leaves and they were sweet as all get out. It's cheap and you can grow your own. I've read (but never seen myself) that half of japanese soft drinks are sweetened with stevia for some years now and no one has ever gotten sick.

Unfortunately, the stevia supplements on the market are rare enough that they change an arm and a leg for it, but a little goes a long way.

Still, you're never gonna make a creme brulee with anything but sugar. Sugar has a lot of cool properties beyond just its sweetness that keeps it being a home staple.

Another thing I've heard about artificial sweeteners is that they mislead your body into thinking you're going to get this huge glucose rush, but then there isn't any. All of the digestive processes to break down that glucose still occur. So your body gets all screwed up, which can even cause headaches and stuff. You end worse off than if you're just had a regular Coke.

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is the kind of person willing to have my logo tattooed permanently on their body also the kind of person I'd want to be walking around with my logo tattooed permanently on their body?

anyways harley davidson has been getting this kind of treatment for years, for free.

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The nike "revolution" commercial was the first time I understood the power of advertising. It really convinced me that whatever Nike was selling, it was something very special. I think I couldn't distinguish it at the time from a movie or a program, because it had no pitchman, no setup, no voiceover, as I recall it didn't even explain the product. It was just very very iconic.

Also the very first Infitini spots, with the clouds and the steam and the rambling V.O. and no shots of the car. Made it feel important.

Then I didn't like anything for 18 years or so, until this came about: The surfer.

Black and white, "ugly" talent, otherwordly location, unplaceable V.O., pounding leftfield music, and THEN perfectly integrated dream stallions?! Come on! It's too much. It's just too much. Still makes my heart pound. And it even manages to include a product benefit!

Not too many people have mentioned print. this ad made me cream my jeans when I saw it:

Head and shoulders (not sure if that link'll work.)

And I have a soft spot for this guy: ketchup.

Structurally very interesting and great photography. And good writing.