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Hey Captain, Crunch This.

Hey Ellen Feis, Switch This.

Hey Charlie, Sorry.

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There's been an ad running in Mental Floss magazine for a long time with a guy whose head is covered with a different Doors album. It's for the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame or something. I'm pretty sure I saw that one before I saw the explosion of album heads everywhere else. But how can you ever really find a true originator?

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At my SB party last year, I made up some drinking game rules on the fly.  It was surreal to have every commercial break muted by all the shouting of "ANIMAL!" and "IDIOT GETS HURT!" I don't remember much after that.

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How could I ever pick between Dabitch and Caffeinegoddess? That's like Sophie's Choice!

I'm glad that I've avoided being on most PR folks' e-mail lists. It gives a certain "organic" quality to what I find. I like to see that something gained a little traction before I wrote about it, so that we're reporting buzz more than creating it.

It was kinda the same deal when I was a journalist....I felt like press releases were almost the antithesis of news, since the idea was to generate interest in something no one cared about yet.

Obviously, you guys are in a different situation, since you're a clearinghouse for brand-new work. Speaking of which, we're finishing a new spot at my agency. Would you like the YouTube link or the DailyMotion one? :)

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Yep, it's stop motion. (I just walked down the hall and asked the art director who created it.) The animation crew used some neat tricks to keep the illustrations consistent, but none of it was CG.