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Dubai Lynx May Withdraw Ad Person of the Year Award

In a move that could rock the foundations of the Middle East advertising industry, Dubai Lynx is considering retracting its Advertising Person of the Year Award from Tanvir Kanji of Inca Tanvir, after receiving numerous complaints regarding irregularities.

This comes in the wake of a blog that appeared on the Internet recently, which claims Mr Kanji never ran but instead, casually walked towards the stage - and that the person who collected the gong might not have been real and may even have been a ghost.

Festival Director Steve Lane is conducting a thorough investigation. He said, “If we find evidence that the Mr Kanji we saw at Lynx broke our rules, then we will be left with no other option but to annul the award.”

Mr Kanji said in a statement, “I didn’t know anything about the nomination. Nobody asked for my approval and the image looks remarkably similar to an Advertising Person of the Year photo from 2008.”