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I love shredding Marketing Spin:

Old Spice:

Where did those Impressions come from for Old Spice? TV commercials? And the fact is 50% of the you tube video views were from the Ad Industry and very few people outside the Ad Industry (meaning the real target of the campaign) still have no idea there was a Twitter/YouTube event!

The Importance of Social Spread:

What a stupid chart! How was it included? of course 28% watched a video from a friends recommendation and 17% read an article. Doesn't this prove social failure? I mean ONLY those numbers after 5 years of networks sharing links and information? I mean in 5 years only that % will admit to even once (note they did not give volume or time line) they watched or read something shared? This is a huge fat social failure the myth of sharing and viral.

Opportunities to Deliver Connected Advertising:

Really? Like we can't already visit your brand's website at will and yet we don't. So a 'Better Ad' is going to change this? Who is smoking the ganja?

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I was wondering why all the hurdles to comment! Forgot to log in! LOL

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I love this! I will plan to plan to make it if my speed raft can get by the Somali Pirates in time to attend.

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I have a yard they can clean too

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Wow Åsk!

I have so much to say here. First off anyone who is part of an oppressed or persecuted group who gets offended some other group uses what works for them to help others to me is bigoted in itself. As I have seen here in the US almost every oppressed or persecuted group is bigoted themselves to another group (in general) to make themselves feel better. Which is really jacked up. Plenty of Blacks and Jews in the US are Bigots to various degrees. I have not specifically observed the LGBT's do this but I have seen them do 'shock value' actions of the in your face type to uptight straights on occasion. But then I don't blame them because I have done plenty of shock value activities myself to loosen up vanilla people with sticks up their butts.

So it doesn't surprise me to see a reaction of 'its mine you stole it'. But it's not theirs! Its the people who created it not the LGBT community's property.

I think all the campaigns to talk about things normally brushed under the rug while people suffer in private help. The one thing I think that could of been done is if the Swedish group had reached out to the It Gets Better creators, explained what they were doing and wanted their blessing. Not that they couldn't do it anyway so that would be respectful.

Shouldn't the Catholic Church have done something like this for their abuse victims?

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This was on the Dorito's Fan Page today. I see them on many brand pages. I wrote Frito-Lay about this once and they sent me back a dumb form letter saying they have an Agency to to advise them. I was like really? Well you have 30 porn links on the first 3 pages of your fan page.

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LOL No shit!!!!

BTW rumor is that Facebook wants to hire Obama's ex-Press Secretary to get ready for a 2012 IPO. The good news is when they IPO they can not lie about data anymore and cherry pick what they choose to reveal. They have to expose everything because the public will be investing.

I estimated that if 10 of the 67 million US accounts that log in today spend 8 hours on the website. The other 57 million average only 3 mins on the website. Wouldn't marketers like to know that?

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Save posts like this. In 5 years when Facebook is like Myspace we will think how cute the uproar was.

But in all fairness the content could be hosted off Facebook on a website and not have anyone say a thing. And if Facebook is concerned about porn they should try to erase the 10 million spam accounts that post porn links to any Brand Page aimed at 13 to 25 year old males. And trust me. There are tons of such links being posted every day from Spam accounts.

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The offending company HBGary has two twitter accounts. They need to lose all federal contracts in my opinion. Also shows how dumb the CIA is.

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It could only be real if they had permission from the NY Harbor Authority. To wrap the statute would need a helicopter. Its the only way.