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But, it's not good Joao.

As an ad, it's awful. Not just the taste issue, but strategically as well. Kia sells family sedans. To families. Not to predators.

When work like this wins, it devalues creative departments everywhere by highlighting a serious lack of understanding about actual business problems and the types of creative solutions that are needed. Contrary to what you may see in Archive or at the Cannes print show, advertising is not a parlor game.

And whatever the term is for this, I call it scam. Because it's made only to win at award shows, to defraud your peers. Still, I'm not going to judge someone based only on the practice. What my post highlights is the fact that this fake ad was promoted as being approved by the Kia brand, which is a lie. The lie then spread around the internet, believed to have been endorsed by Kia, and therefore damaged their brand.

Anyone who doesn't understand that, doesn't understand the business we're in. And sadly, many in our business don't seem to.