Andy Warhol


Sandboarding, Celebrities And A Nice Scotch With Michael Deane

Over the last couple of years, America has taken a fascination with the hitherto relatively unknown world of Japanese commercials starring Western cel

Campbell's soup - new bigger cans

I have to say right now that the idea of using the old labels on the new bigger cans of soup wasn't mine.

TDK - Andy Warhol (1984) 0:17 (Japan)

Pioneer - Andy Warhol's unfinished symphony. - printad 1973

We asked Andy Warhol to paint a picture of a pioneer high-fidelity receiver. He can't seem to finish.

Braniff Airlines - Andy Warhol & Sonny Liston - (1968) :30

Talkative Andy Warhol and gabby Sonny Lisyon fly Braniff. "When you've got it, flaunt it"
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