Bo Jackson

Nike - Bo Jackson, 2180 hours (1993) :60 (USA)

We're back in the barbershop, where the old men speak of Bo Jackson's achievements.

Nike - Bo's Boring Commercial (1993) :60 (USA)

In the totally meta ad, a few old men in a barbershop see the Nike ad on TV, where Bo Jackson is working out.

Nike - Bo's hip / Denis Leary & Bo Jackson (1991) :60 (USA)

Denis Leary comes at us with his belligerent sarcastic tone: Hey, no more questions about Bo’s hip, OK!

Nike - The Bo Show / George (1991) :60 (USA)

As the music starts and the "Rockettes" like dancers take to the floor, we are introduced to "The Bo Show"

Nike - Bo Knows / Multiple Bo's feat. Sonny Bono (1991) :60 (USA)

Bo Jackson runs into multiple versions of himself, dressed for different sports.

Nike - Cycling / Bo Jackson (1989) :15 (USA)

"Now where's that tour de France thing?"

Nike - Running / Bo Jackson (1989) :20 (USA)

Cross-training with Bo Jackson.

Nike - Wednesdays with Bo Jackson (1989) :30 (USA)

Turns out that Bo Jackson can jump as high as Jordan when he plays basketball.

Nike - Fridays with Bo Jackson (1989) : 30 (USA)

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