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CommercialsAcme - Your Boots Say Acme (1982) - 0:30 (USA) claymore113 hours 53 min ago
StoryThe "Twitterati" are not served Twitter ads Dabitch01 day 3 hours ago
CommercialsWAOO "Donate Your Data" (2016) 1:45 (Denmark) kidsleepy11 day 4 hours ago
StoryKFC launches edible nail polish in recipes "Original" & "Hot & Spicy" Dabitch01 day 6 hours ago
CommercialsCR realtors "Ex-roomate" (2016) :22 (USA) kidsleepy11 day 7 hours ago
CommercialsKFC - Finger Licking Good (2016) :90 (Hong Kong) Dabitch01 day 7 hours ago
CommercialsThe Great Millennial Write-In Vote - #MILLENNIALSFORPRESIDENT (2016) Dabitch61 day 9 hours ago
CommercialsGot Milk - Champion - (2015) :30 (USA) Dabitch21 day 9 hours ago
StoryToyota Corolla Elevate your style & Deflate your brand Dabitch21 day 10 hours ago
StoryWONGDOODY rebrands Childhaven kidsleepy11 day 10 hours ago
StoryTwin logos of the week: Meet Brave the browser lion & Workfront Lion Dabitch01 day 11 hours ago
StoryLogo Twins, Quarks new look is Scottish Arts Council's old look. Dabitch131 day 11 hours ago
StorySweden's top talents redefine the "creative brief" Dabitch61 day 13 hours ago
CommercialsToyota LandCruiser Emergency Network - (2016) 2:50 (Australia) Dabitch01 day 13 hours ago
Commercials Koskenkorva "Vodka from a village" (2016) 1:00 (Finland) kidsleepy21 day 17 hours ago
StoryNative Content Signs Iain Mackenzie Dabitch01 day 17 hours ago
StorySid Lee does unoriginal "Trump against humanity" -PATHETIC! Dabitch12 days 55 min ago
StorySesame Street threatens suit for Bert & Ernie used in STD-kit ad Dabitch02 days 6 hours ago
CommercialsSisterhoodie - Out Of Place / Peter Som designed breast cancer hoodie Dabitch02 days 11 hours ago
Print, billboards, press ads, ambientMother NY puts their mothers on billboards for mothers day. Dabitch02 days 15 hours ago
Story"Pieces of Shit For Trump" campaign with little flags in dog shit. Dabitch02 days 15 hours ago
Print, billboards, press ads, ambientJust what political ads need, decorative flags in dogshit. Obama Presidential Campaign. Dabitch42 days 15 hours ago
CommercialsHSV Safetyvideo Emirates Airlines (2016) 1:47 (USA) Dabitch02 days 15 hours ago
StoryWant to know something about Sweden? Call Sweden kidsleepy32 days 16 hours ago
CommercialsNAB - Honesty Experiment #1 Incorrect Change - (2011) Dabitch02 days 18 hours ago