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TheMAG ArticleÅhléns create ad claiming all Swedish Christmas traditions stem from other countries. Get schooled & calls for boycott. Dabitch011 hours 27 min ago
TheMAG ArticleDutch fireworks ad featuring islamic terrorist group slammed for being anti-muslim Dabitch3812 hours 24 min ago
TheMAG ArticleICA Handlarna - Tomten kommer (2001) - 0:30 (Sweden) Dabitch012 hours 25 min ago
TheMAG ArticleS M & V - Trains - your choice - (2010) election film Dabitch612 hours 32 min ago
TheMAG ArticleSocialdemokraterna - Why should we care about each other? - (1985) :75 (Sweden) Dabitch112 hours 33 min ago
TheMAG ArticleHow did @Sweden make the blocklist that listed Pewdiepie & the Israeli Foreign Ministry as "Nazis" ? Dabitch012 hours 34 min ago
TheMAG ArticleSweden, land of trolls, gets trolled in their new "call Sweden" tourist campaign Dabitch312 hours 35 min ago
TheMAG ArticleAd Chat: Åsk "Dabitch" Wäppling kidsleepy812 hours 38 min ago
TheMAG Article.@Sweden protects "freedom of speech" by blocking 14,400 supposed Nazis on Twitter. Removes block after pushback Dabitch812 hours 38 min ago
TheMAG ArticleSweden - the worlds most democratic twitter account dissolves into pure anarchy. Dabitch2412 hours 39 min ago
TheMAG ArticlePressbyrån - Z.Woods - Lussekatt song (2017) :90 (Sweden) Dabitch012 hours 42 min ago
TheMAG ArticleCoke might just finally get it...... Julmust rules! Dabitch413 hours 26 min ago
TheMAG ArticleSwedish state television mock commercial channels while proclaiming they are the only "free" one Dabitch1613 hours 27 min ago
TheMAG ArticleCoke still doesn't get it. Julmust rules. Dabitch1313 hours 29 min ago
TheMAG ArticlePlease Coke, It's Christmas without your help, stop competing with Apotekarnes Julmust. Dabitch1213 hours 30 min ago
TheMAG ArticleLynx spice up posters with Boris Vallejo pinup art Dabitch717 hours 51 min ago
TheMAG ArticleAmerican Apparel switched to pencil illustrations - Boris Lopez erotica style Dabitch117 hours 52 min ago
TheMAG ArticleTrojan - Café / Extended cut (2001) (USA) claymore118 hours 9 min ago
TheMAG ArticleNew York Lotto "Bodega Cat" (2017) 1:00 (USA) kidsleepy141 day 11 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleMisha Collins asks writers to work for free, gets ass handed to him. kidsleepy561 day 23 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleAudi - TT - Wake-Up Call (1999) Dabitch02 days 18 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleBudget - Free Spirit (1998) Dabitch02 days 18 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleDodge - Neon Coupe - Easy Quiz (1998) 30 second advert USA. Dabitch02 days 18 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleAcura - Integra - If You (1999) Dabitch02 days 18 hours ago
TheMAG ArticleOldsmobile - New Oldsmobiles - Get into Drive (1999) Dabitch02 days 19 hours ago