Blonde + Co Named Agency-Of-Record for Dazzle Dry®



NOT CELEBRITY VODKA announces the launch of their new alcohol brand after an exhaustive yet wildly unsuccessful search for a celebrity endorsement.

Move over influencers, AI ads are here - generate a pitch video with a prompt

AI innovations are accelerating so fast, it's hard to keep up these days.
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Alltold uses AI to unlock Super Bowl ad trends, finds interesting progress and lack of. has harnessed AI to find insights in decades worth of advertising.

Barbara Lippert is back! Madblogging again.

Happy New Year!

Dandy creatives rejoice - Calle Sjönell has launched "Man-Scarf" a curated shop for spiffy scarves

The man scarf - it's a creative director kind of thing.

Camp Lucky Helps Serve Up Delicious Collaborations For Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s

Camp Lucky designed a flexible team collaboration to meet the moment with the tabletop direction of Ben Hoffman and editing by Elizabeth M.

Brands and insincere 'purpose' marketing tactics, what a tangled web.

"Purpose is not a watered-down reflection of whatever happens to be trending on social media."

Unicorns & Unicorns Celebrates 5th Anniversary; Continues to Support Diversity of Filmmakers & Storytellers

U&U directorial roster features Monty Marsh, Tchaiko Omawale, Jackie Omanoff, Debbie Formoso, Bridget Moloney, Derek Westerlund, Bobbi Rich along

Burger King Brazil has launched a pink burger Barbie meal.

Has Barbie-mania gone too far? Burger King Brazil has launched a pink burger Barbie meal.

Theme park Liseberg halts all advert-teasing against Gröna Lund after fatal accident.

Liseberg stops all advertising after Sunday's fatal accident at Gröna Lund.

Co-branding: Barbie mania at Coldstone creamery with Cake Sparkles and All That Glitters is Pink Creation

The summer is shining with all things pink in anticipation of the highly anticipated movie event of the season, BARBIE, coming to theaters on July 21.

Kellogg's possibly facing boycott due to Tony the Tiger posing with Dylan Mulvaney

Well, this is an odd one, but several sources are claiming that Kellogg's is facing boycotts because Tony the Tiger posed with Dylan Mulvaney on

Breast Cancer Survivor Launches Campaign with a Powerful Call to Action: Touch Yourself

The Fondle Project features a diverse community of breast cancer survivors and seeks to empower and educate, while also giving women battling breast c

Shut up and sell the product

I have always been against brands wading into the cultural conversation regarding any topic du jour for several reasons.

Miller Lite catches backlash for women's history month ad in May

Now, this is quite odd timing, to me.

Johnny Depp Inks Record-Breaking $20 Million Dior Deal for Men's Fragrance

Insiders claim Johnny Depp's record-breaking $20 million Dior deal trumps Brad Pitt and Robert Pattinson's contracts combined.

New Manifesto From Fantoons Captures The Heart of Animation

Animation studio Fantoons has unveiled a new manifesto that's a love letter to the medium it uses to create award-winning content for some of the

A New Definition of Creative

I remember when the word “creative” was an adjective. Of course, today it’s also a noun.

Dylan Mulvaney as spokesperson for Nike women and Bud Light cause backlash.

Dylan Mulvaney's agents over at CAA are working hard for their money.
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EOS Unmanhandle your face

Just leave me alone.

United Airlines trans flight attendant featured in ad died by suicide: ‘Sorry I could not be stronger’

Kayleigh Scott posted a suicide note on Instagram and Facebook around 2:30 a.m.

"The Jensen Project" uses Sky Writing to expose sex traffickers' social media tactics.

No Fixed Address exposes the messages to equip girls with the knowledge and resources to recognise the dirty tactics of sex traffickers online

Dieunerst Collin, famous as "awkward Popeyes meme kid" has signed NIL deal with Popeyes

Popeyes sign awkward ‘meme kid’ to NIL deal 10 years after viral video

Advice for people who need to hear it

About a decade ago (give or take a year or two) I was a senior copywriter on adidas Originals at Sid Lee in Montreal.

The Christmas ads that did and didn’t resonate with the Black community in the United Kingdom.

Cheers adgrunts, I hope you're knee-deep in wrapping paper&ribbons, Christmas party invites, and have found all the gifts that you want to gi

Dylan Mulvany confirms that Tampax donated tampons to them.

After countless emails and phonecalls to Procter&Gamble's press department, who apparently don't do any work at all else they would have

Balenciaga’s controversial new campaign and the long history of ‘shockvertising’

Kim Kardashian is refining her personal brand. Right-wing news outlet Fox TV is gaining viewers through attention-grabbing headlines.

Fast forwarding through the ads? That'll be £5 on Sky

Sky TV has just announced that they will charge customers £5 if they fast forward through the adverts.

#BoycottTampax trends after ill-advised tweet, as brand Tampax doubles down on it.

This is the story of how Tampax torpedoed its own brand.

Stuart Semple responds to Pantone news with "Freetone"

Artist Stuart Semple has created "FREETONE" in response to Pantone's announcement.

Fridays for Future U.S. introduces "Aliens" on the occasion of the US midterm elections.

Ahead of the 2022 US midterm elections on November 8th, Fridays For Future U.S., a climate movement inspired by Greta Thunberg, makes a bold statement

Dylan Mulvaney has a paid partnership with Haus Labs, Lady Gaga's brand.

Dylan Mulvaney has a paid partnership with Haus Labs, Lady Gaga's brand.
"Zoom in on that" Ulta

Ulta releases David Lopez interview discussing "Girlhood" with Dylan Mulvaney - receives prompt backlash and #BoycottUlta hashtag

When you are the leading brand with the largest market share of your niche, it makes sense to expand the market.

We're advertising in space again

I always bring up Franquin's 1959-60 comic book masterpiece "Z comme Zorglub"  whenever a news report touts a wild idea about advertisi

Major advertisers flee platform due to Twitter's child porn problem

Major advertisers including DirecTV, Dyson, Forbes, Mazda, and PBS Kids have suspended or canceled advertising campaigns on Twitter because their ads

Dean of SCA 2.0. Marc Lewis goes off At AdAge for suggesting the ad industry hire new creative talent from Tiktok.

As I've said so often before; advertising is the only industry where people think you don't have to be educated for it.

Vitaminwater & Lil Nas X team up for collection of flavor-inspired commercials.

There is vitamin water for everything.

Calvin Klein Thailand partners with virtual influencer Katii

Calvin Klein Thailand has partnered with Katii, a virtual influencer created by Plan B Media Public Company, Thailand.
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Poster in Moscow shows famous Swedes with the headline "We are against Nazism, but they are not"

Some people in Russia are clearly not happy with recent Swedish political statements.

Did Tampax really reach out to Dylan Mulvaney for a collaboration on TikTok?

I'll just preface all of this with the fact that I never use Tampax.
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Lowe's poaches pros right outside of a Home Depot in Atlanta

Outside a home depot in Atlanta-- home depot's headquarters -- Lowe's erected a temporary billboard, advertising their better deal for profe

"If you read only six advertising books" - meet the authors of the six best ones.

"It's kind of like ad school, except the professors may or may not be wearing pants."
“a living room filled with sand, sand on the floor, piano in the room.”

AI can create realistic images of anything you can think up.

Ask for “a living room filled with sand, sand on the floor, piano in the room,” and ye shall receive it.

Roccamore runs a #RespectHighHeels: More women in the boardrooms campaign on International Women's Day, it backfires

Only 20% of all board members in Danish companies are female - 1 woman for every 4 men. It's 6%, if you remove family connections.

Russian anti war activists sneak anti-war messages onto Moscow metro trains

A group of anonymous anti-war activists in Russia are sneaking anti-war messages onto Moscow's subway trains, by masquerading them as subway map

A 60-year-old Kerala daily wage laborer turns model in photoshoot gone viral

60-year-old Mammikka from Kerala worked as a daily wage labourer before being discovered by a creative agency.

The Super Bowl Ads milked nostalgia dry.

Same old same old. Emphasis on same. And old.

Blanguage asks: Is Tiffany & Co really ‘About Love’ in their latest campaign?

The creative and cultural agency, Blanguage is founded by two best friends, Daniel Amoakoh (Head of Creative) & Junior Olomowewe. 
Ron Popeil, infomercial icon

Infomercial King Ron Popeil dies at 86.

Ron Popeil, infomercial icon has passed away.

Syn Unites with Black Theatre United to Amplify Inspirational Song “Stand for Change”

International music agency Syn has joined forces with New York based non-profit organization, Black Theater United (BTU) for select placement of their

Peloton's Stylish Post-Lockdown Ad stole its visual concept from Lowe's

Hacks at Peloton nicked a visual concept because they used the same post house.

Multi-hyphenate Eric Andre Joins Bullitt For Commercial Representation

Comedian, actor and director Eric Andre's collaboration with Bullitt marks his official foray into directing in the branded content and advertisi

ITV skip all ads after Prince Philip's death to bring uninterrupted obituary coverage

As news came out, ITV bosses decided to scrap all adverts after Prince Philip's death on Friday at the age of 99, to allow for uninterrupted news

Agency Hunt create "Burger Queen" to grill Burger King on failed international women's day ad.

"We’re tired of being told our place is in the kitchen so we created some cool shit to fight sexism." The line was meant to meant to promote

Dentsu to cut 6,000 jobs overseas as part of restructuring

The previously announced reorganization will eliminate redundancies and reduce agency brands from 160 to six.

Patrick Quinn, co-founder of ALS Ice Bucket challenge has died

Quinn co-created the challenge that became a viral sensation with celebrities taking part, died Sunday, age 37.

Bar chain "Shotluckan" proclaims themselves their own country to avoid 10 pm ban on alcohol sales

A Swedish bar-chain named, roughly translated, "The Shot spot" and with the motto "Life's too short to sip drinks" has procla

VERYSERIOUS are very serious and have taken agency social media accounts HOSTAGE

Very serious have taken social media accounts, specifically TikTok accounts, hostage.

Syn Presents New Collection Of Multi-Genre Music Collection Made In Japan

Two-Year Long Recording and Producing Project Now Available

Smucker’s corporate identity evolution turns over a new leaf

Smucker's, the company which in consumer's minds is synonymous with fruits and berry jams, has revamped its logo in order to more accurately

Spectator magazine doesn't bow to peer pressure, or editorial influence

The UK magazine stands for editorial independence.

Airbnb bans house parties worldwide

The rental property disruption company is now just like your parents.

Fat Tire Shaming: New Belgium's downer tactic for climate change

August 7th was International Beer Day, yet another made up holiday designed specifically for brands to capitalize on their social media and PR channel
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The ad industry won't change for good until it hits rock bottom

Back in the mid-90’s Jay Chiat was simultaneously scoffed at and envied for attempting to create the ad industry’s first “virtual offices.” The theory

Netflix goes the cheap route to appease the trans cause du jour, which may cost them.

As Kidsleepy noted in an earlier article headlined Wokevertising for fun and profit, advertising has a way of jumping onto the cause du jour head firs

Wokevertising for fun and profit.

The advertising world only cares about causes just long enough for one or two award seasons before they move on to something else that is considered f

ADLEAK: Whistleblowers invited

AdLeaker is an anonymous whistleblower hotline where concerned insiders can securely release tips, documents, data, and other information about the ad

Ogilvy Publishes Justice & Brand Accountability Paper

Ogilvy has written a free paper on Justice & Brand Accountability that was published by members of the Ogilvy team spanning social, strategy, and

Rick Wilson travels back in time to shame Domino's, gets ass handed to him.

In today's Boomer news, Republican Strategist Rick Wilson attempted to pwn Domino's pizza today for committing the sin of responding to a Tw

The world's most socially distanced restaurant – in the middle of nowhere

This summer, Oddbird, the winery producing wine liberated from alcohol opens a temporary restaurant in a nature reserve outside Stockholm.
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Transgender activist and model Munroe Bergdorf makes peace with L’Oréal

L'Oréal Paris fired Munroe Bergdorf in 2017, then faced criticism for hypocrisy after embracing Black Lives Matter last week
By Tyoron2 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Dentsu evacuated Tokyo HQ over bomb threat


L.A.-based Battery is offering free marketing services for local small businesses

Battery, the L.A.
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Can you catch lightning in a bottle twice? Not if you're Miller "High Life"

This is a tale of two beer brands. Budweiser and Miller. Both had some iconic campaigns around the early 00's.

Great depression patent for patterned packaging spawned an entire industry of feed sack fashion

The pivoting of advertising ideas during the great depression are lessons we should learn from today.

Furloughed ad industry workers created ad collective "Not Fur’Long" to help small business clients in need

A group of advertising creatives who are currently being paid not to work, decided to get together and work for clients who can't pay them.


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