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Major advertisers flee platform due to Twitter's child porn problem

Major advertisers including DirecTV, Dyson, Forbes, Mazda, and PBS Kids have suspended or canceled advertising campaigns on Twitter because their ads

The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. Except for me. Multimedia Campaign For Non-Profit Worth Rises Calls For The End Of The Exception Of The 13th Amendment

Worth Rises is a non-profit advocacy organization founded by Bianca Tylek that is dedicated to dismantling the prison industry and ending the exploita

Sasquatch, Martians, a unicorn and the Tooth Fairy: A clever new EV campaign taps comedy director Eric André and mythical characters to bust EV myths

The new educational ad campaign, powered by Veloz, will build consumer interest in EVs and is perfectly positioned to capitalize on increased market m

Newly Rebranded Hartz and Agency of Record, Cutwater, Launch Playful Campaign for Delectables

Newly Rebranded Petcare Leader Owns the Cat Lick in Catchy Campaign and Jingle

Hometeam Adds Anna Rotholz Management For East Coast Representation; Expands Global Reach & Projects for Fall 2022

Rotholz currently represents a diverse roster of production companies including Chromista, tinygiant, HeyBaby, PF100 and more. 
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Petcare Leader Hartz Names Cutwater as Creative and Media Agency of Record

Cutwater Wins AOR Duties for Petcare Leader Hartz

Why create perfect mockups when you can use fockups?

In typical Dutch dry humor, Art Director Wytze Hoogslag has blessed us with https://fockups.com/ - because mockups are too perfect and the world is no

The propaganda wars are heating up - "It's time to move to Russia" vs "We do talk about war in this country"

In Copyranters latest substack, "TIME TO MOVE TO RUSSIA"—a measured review, he's unearthed a Russian propaganda piece to review.

Acclaimed Director/DP Antony Hoffman Joins Wild Gift

Los Angeles Based Production Company Represents Director for Wide Range of Campaigns and Content, From Big Screen to Small Screen

Netflix teases "Resident Evil" with scary 3D billboard in NYC

I'm a fan of well-executed 3D animated billboards, like when Nuke paid homage to the “Shinjuku east exit cat” in their 3D billboard that showed o

New Billboard in Moscow shows Pippi Longstocking and Moomin as puppets to the USA

DON'T BE TOYS IN ANOTHER HANDS! All this will end with stupid fun on a pile of garbage, noise and uproar, as it has been all my life ...
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Pressbyrån runs print ad with all teh letrets srcabmled up to amke a point about reading skills.

Pressbyrån in Sweden, a place to pick up magazines, newspapers and snacks ran this ad in a few Swedish tabloids 

"Alaska is ours!" billboard campaign runs in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

A photo of one of the banners was posted on social networks by Vladimir Vladimirov.

McDonald’s golden arches aren't just a logo, now they're swings too

McDonald’s in Dubai has installed golden archess swing sets in parks and along the beaches ‘to spread joy and togetherness’.

Nike becomes the Lionesses' biggest cheerleader, beamvertising them onto the white cliffs of Dover

You can’t miss the Lionesses.

Jerone Davison just ran a campaign ad complete with Klansmen and his AR-15

Jerone Davison is running for congress for the state of Arizona, and he's just come out with an ad that is sure to get talked about everywhere. 

Ampersand Names Jennifer Gee as Executive Producer


Mégane E-Tech - Nicole - Papa "the story lives on" (2022)

As the resident adnerd here, I had no problem recalling the "Nicola, Papa" adverts of the 90s, so as I watched this I Was actually hoping fo

Calbee’s Newly Rebranded Harvest Snaps Appoints Cutwater as Digital Creative Agency of Record

Cutwater Wins AOR Duties for Calbee’s Flagship Brand

Writer-Director Michael Illick Arrives at Interrogate

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Ad Stars Rebrands Itself to ‘Mad Stars’

South Korea’s Ad Stars award show has rebranded itself as “Mad Stars” the organization announced today.

Burger King is hiring a clown for its birthday - nod to Ronald McDonald

For its 5th anniversary in Belgium, BURGER KING® is hiring a clown for a 24 hour fixed term contract to host its birthday day on Wednesday, June 29th.

RSA films partners with modern people to enter the NFT marketplace

RSA will exclusively represent the newly formed creative studio founded by former McKinney LA MD Sylvain Tron

Charlie Mysak Sees the Future with Rakish



AD STARS has agreed to extend its entry deadline until Wednesday 15th June 2022, giving agencies, creative, production companies and advertising enthu

Director Goh Iromoto Finds Sanctuary in the U.S.

Sherpa, Barcelona : "Homeless people are invisible until you stop looking the other way" Solution: Make them look.

#Visible is the Arrels Fundació campaign, consisting of 13 pieces of urban art, where the homeless people have been given visibility and citizens have

Tracie Norfleet Named Managing Director/Executive Producer at Invisible Collective

Industry powerhouse Tracie Norfleet steps into the Managing Director/Executive Producer role at Invisible Collective, a production company and creativ

Calvin Klein Thailand partners with virtual influencer Katii

Calvin Klein Thailand has partnered with Katii, a virtual influencer created by Plan B Media Public Company, Thailand.


The AD STARS Organizing Committee has decided to extend this year’s entry deadline until 31st May 2022

Epoch Films opens its doors in the UK

The production house launches with Martin de Thurah, Megan Campbell, and Nick Fewtrell will leading the London branch

"Black Characters" amplifying Black voices

Just last week a group of Brazilian creatives called out the Cannes Lions for the lack of jury diversity in the Brazilian panel.
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Poster in Moscow shows famous Swedes with the headline "We are against Nazism, but they are not"

Some people in Russia are clearly not happy with recent Swedish political statements.
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Lowe's poaches pros right outside of a Home Depot in Atlanta

Outside a home depot in Atlanta-- home depot's headquarters -- Lowe's erected a temporary billboard, advertising their better deal for profe

"If you read only six advertising books" - meet the authors of the six best ones.

"It's kind of like ad school, except the professors may or may not be wearing pants."

Hue+Cry Debuts Brand New Look

The creative content studio and collective of artists, makers, and animators introduce modern, playful new aesthetic

Rocket Mortgage Draft House Goes Hollywood

The Rocket Mortgage Draft House returns and this time, it’s headed for the Hollywood Hills

And That’s A Wrap...SpeedPro Transforms Viral TikTok Sensation and Local Chef’s Food Truck  

SpeedPro accelerates business with creative branding solution for local entrepreneur

“A diamond is forever” but entries into Gerety will end May 13!

The Gerety Awards have a final deadline for entries until Friday, May 13, 2022.

Newly Rebranded Discover Boating and Agency of Record, Cutwater, Honor Next Generation of Boaters

AOR Cutwater and Newly Rebranded Discover Boating Honor Next Generation of Boaters
“a living room filled with sand, sand on the floor, piano in the room.”

AI can create realistic images of anything you can think up.

Ask for “a living room filled with sand, sand on the floor, piano in the room,” and ye shall receive it.

Noah media group drives world sales on ‘stewart’

London: March 31 2022: Multi-award-winning UK production and distribution company Noah Media Group today announced that they have secured World Sales
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Estée Lauder: "My favorite part about being a woman is living in full color."

Estee Lauder decided today to highlight one of the people working for them, namely a scientist "My favorite part about being a woman is living in

Marketers, please stop calling me Latinx

I'm glad to find that I'm not the only person wondering how on earth "Latinx" is meant to be pronounced.

Asylum agency in Sweden runs targeted campaign at the Russian embassy in Stockholm

The asylum agency offers support to all employees at the embassy who want to drop out and seek asylum with this new poster campaign, written in Russia

Caviar Director Jonathan Krisel & Martin Agency Take Oatmilk To Strange New Places with Help from The Roots

Caviar partnered with The Roots Production Service for the shoot in Chile.

Comedic trio "get into bet mode" / Susie Essman, Rex Lee and Gerry Dee

theScore Bet Launches Ontario Marketing Campaign: “GET INTO BET MODE”

Tuff Contender’s Daniel Centrone Directs Action Spot for G-Shock via Agency Feednfed

In Daniel Centrone’s latest collaboration with the watchmaker, "GA2100” highlights the time pieces’ strengths as both tactical and fashionable – 

Nelson Cabrera Brings His Award-Winning Directing Talent To ALLDAYEVERYDAY

Nelson is a 10-time Cannes Lion Winner with 24 Shortlists in 18 years, along with accolades from LIA, Clios, ANDYs, NYFF and the Emmy Awards.
Jeremy’s Razors - The Greatest Commercial Ever (2022) 3:54 (USA)

Jeremy’s Razors takes a torch to Harry's and Gillette aiming to be the best a conservative man can get.

In an obvious over-the-top parody of DollarShaveClub's "Our Blades Are F***ing Great", Jeremy’s Razors enters the scene.

Nike - Air Max Day 2022 3D animated billboard in Shinjuku, Tokyo wows passers by.

When I first saw the Nike Air 3D billboard in Shinjuku debut, I couldn't really find the words... other than - wow.
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Sweet Sadie’s Dynamite for Exceptional Content Includes An Expanded Collective

Known for merging deep discovery with creative production, Sweet Sadie collaborates with networks, agencies, brands and nonprofits on advertising camp

Giggle app's billboard at University of Pennsylvania state "female spaces are necessary" for Women’s History Month.

Women's app "Giggle" has impeccable timing, as they booked a billboard at the University of Pennsylvania state for the entirety of Wome

Labelium Play Goes To The NXTLVL

First-Mover Gaming Advertising Agency Dedicated to Integrating Brands Into Gaming And Digital Entertainment Goes Live With Accredition by Twitch Gamep

Open Swim Launches in Brooklyn

Open Swim works to guide projects from start to finish with the ultimate care from artisans experienced in their craft.

Alibaba appoints POD Studios as Strategic Digital Partner in European Expansion

By working with POD Studios, Alibaba is looking to expand its customer base across European markets by leveraging cost-efficient and innovative strate

Unemployed Theo 2001 revived in 2022

Back in the first dot com boom, a lot of people were suddenly laid off in droves in the ad agency world too.

Tuff Contender’s DJay Brawner Directs Brand Docs for Vans Custom Culture Artists via Creative Drinking Agency

To pay homage to the entrepreneur and innovator that Paul Van Doren was, Vans is asking students to showcase their DIY take on the four pillars that m

Fredrik Bäckar Expands Directorial Representation to US via Believe Media

Through the years, Fredrik Bäckar has enjoyed close collaborations on commercial projects with directors Fredrik Bond, Andreas Nilsson, Jeff Lowe, Tra
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Win one of the 13 scholarships for Undergraduate Courses in Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Management 2022/2023 at IED Barcelona

Start your professional future in an international environment! Show your talent and creativity.

The One Club for Creativity Stands with Ukraine

The One Club for Creativity condemns in the strongest terms the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the humanitarian crisis it has inflicted on the count

Milk + Honey United Makes Us “Feel Better” With a Joyful Brand Campaign for Rosemary Health

SYDNEY, March 4, 2022 — In a striking break from traditional healthcare marketing, independent creative company Milk + Honey United has unveiled a fre

GET INTO BET MODE - Don't F*** With Susie Essman (2022) :30

“Get Into Bet Mode is a brand platform that brings to life one of our core product differentiators, the deep integration between media and betting,

Russian anti war activists sneak anti-war messages onto Moscow metro trains

A group of anonymous anti-war activists in Russia are sneaking anti-war messages onto Moscow's subway trains, by masquerading them as subway map

TBWA copywriter Dotun Bello and One Club launch Lagos Creative Bootcamp in Nigeria

As a way to help elevate the creative community in his native Nigeria, TBWA\Chiat Day New York senior copywriter Dotun Bello has partnered with The O

Paola Kudaki Directs CoverGirl Campaign with New Ambassador America Ferrera

Directed by Believe Media’s Paola Kudacki, the spot offers a glimpse into Ferrera’s path to embracing her identity as a Latina woman, playful artist,

Plenity’s “Who Said” Via Agency The&Partnership Embraces Fresh Motivation With Audio To Match

Sonic Union was approached by The&Partnership for a full suite of sonic solutions – music, sound, and audio.

RSA Films Signs Douglas Avery for commercials and content

The epic storyteller joins the company most recently from Peter Berg’s Film 47

New York Times under fire for new ad campaign "imagining Harry Potter without its creator"

The new ad campaign from the New York times with Becky, Lianna, Vera, Yassmin, and Jordan, has come under fire for "chilling" line referring

Amburr Farls & Andy Brown Named Partners In Cut+Run

Los Angeles EP Amburr Farls and Jogger Creative Director Andy Brown have been made partners in the company.

A 60-year-old Kerala daily wage laborer turns model in photoshoot gone viral

60-year-old Mammikka from Kerala worked as a daily wage labourer before being discovered by a creative agency.

Levi's brand president Jennifer Sey turned down a $1 million severance "in exchange for my voice."

A substack post from Jennifer Sey hit like a bomb on Valentine's day.

Director Brent Campanelli Joins Expanding Roster at Tuff Contender

Tuff Contender becomes the first production company to represent Campanelli who has created work for brands H&M, Macy's, McDonald's, Pep

Camp Lucky Welcomes Daria Zeliger Reps For East Coast Representation

Daria Zeliger Reps is driven by a passion for creativity and artistic development and specializes in strategic sales, business development and consult


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