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Straight white men are the new women in advertising

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The making of Ad creators as Rockstars

Pardon me, but I feel an adrant coming on. After throwing away the mind-numbing device in my house - otherwise referred to as a Television - I quic

I'll miss the dot-coms

They may not have had actual products, and we now know they never made actual money, but several dot-com companies ponied up some nice ads over the pa

Cannes cyberawards pick jury.

Dots Drop Spots

Freeze dried food again?

BBDO is sweeping up

The land of political correctness strikes again...

What is this spot selling?

Ericsson want us to see the everyday revolution.

Spam in the name of Diesel

Spam is not advertising - it is the cancer of the web.

Olympic Chainsaw Massacre

Gimmick Keeps Going and Going...

Internet Ad Virus - looks like another Mahir trick.

Big vs. Small - which ad agency should you pick?

This is the simplistic theory of an industry that lives and thrives on simplification (of products, of brands): if your agency is small you are creati

This Dollar is Golden

The U.S. mint recently launched a national ad campaign to announce the production of the Golden Dollar coin.

Paul and Linus at Fallon do a Mahir.

'How was Cannes?' - Dabitch reports from the south of France

In the middle of June ad people gather in Cannes from all over the planet.

If you can't do - then teach.

Pigeon Holed - which type of creative are you?


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Pounding the Pavement - how to show your portfolio

To show your book around is painful, frustrating,and time consuming, what should one do? We've all been there.

The A B C's of advertising rules.

Work off of a proposition from a good strategic brief. It tells you who you are talking to, and what they need/want this product for.

Comments about nike ads


What should the client do?


'Hacking It!' by Tony Brignull.

"Two years ago (1990) the new president of Kraft, Mike Mile toured his kingdom. It is a very big realm indeed.


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