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Why create perfect mockups when you can use fockups?

In typical Dutch dry humor, Art Director Wytze Hoogslag has blessed us with - because mockups are too perfect and the world is no

Join the "Dead Tired Designers" club and spruce up your laptop with these stickers

Sometimes you just want to bury your entire laptop in stickers. turns your client feedback into a full body workout! turns your client feedback into a full body workout! This parody had barely begun, and I was already howling with laughter.

Unemployed Theo 2001 revived in 2022

Back in the first dot com boom, a lot of people were suddenly laid off in droves in the ad agency world too.

"Work from home" Propaganda posters

Graeme Noseworthy has been creating updated propaganda posters for us in the trenches now working from home.

Turns out, there are laws when you’re drinking Claws.

"Ain't now laws if you're drinking Claws - except in Santa Monica"

"Hi, I’m William Devane, on the phone to my agent because if I have to do another one of these ads..."

Lately I’ve been fascinated by these commercials for Rosland Capital, starring journeyman actor William Devane who you might know from 24, The Grinder

Move over "Truth in advertising", Jean and director Pam Thomas create "Commercials", a hilarious look at our industry

Community Films’ directorial collective JEAN and director Pam Thomas have joined forces to create “Commercials”, a comedic web series about the humoro

Ask your doctor if AVENGISIL is right for you

Every so often an ad parody that mimics the ad category perfectly comes along to make us laugh.

Adobe Test: What creative type are you? #Mycreativetype

Adobe has a site to test what creative type you are, and it's not like your regular old personality tests. For one thing, it looks amazing.

Discover Card gets a Jordan Peele makeover on Saturday Night Live.

Discover Card's very relatable customer service has a person just like you on the other end. In fact it is you.

giffgaff introduces Cracked Screen Balm

Where's my fucking idea? I got your idea right here.

Redbox April Fools copies old Jobsintown ad

Maytag gets in on the April Fool's fun

Banhof sex-segregated "trigger free" internet

What typeface are you? @ CreativeBloq


Ad agency 358: So cold we ski to the Monday morning meetings in Helsinki

Having seen the hot summer BBQ chops and chilled beer commercial for Australia day and the Meat and Livestock Association, ad agency 358in Helsinki, F

Kilmer & Cruise Opens London's Smallest Agency

Adland kitten gif tweet snark

We got bored on twitter and solved it with cats.

Are you Book Crit Ready? Ash and James are.

James Morgan and Ashley Bibby explain: "we are scrambling around trying to get noticed, get our work seen and find ourselves placements".
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Lowe Profero launches The Creativity Helmet

The Cube - The Next Big Thing?

Dumb ad ban of the week: The UNT mug

"Ways to get into advertising" site with absurd advice

Stevie Wonder never did an Atari ad - you've been had

If you stumbled upon that Stevie Wonder ad where our great musician proclaims "If I could play video game, you bet it would be ATARI", and t

iPhone 5c spoof - looks just like crocs.


LOWE's invites your playful side with fun boxes


Funny or Die Rips Ram a new one

Design Jargon Bullshit - the terrifying real examples.

Ad agency new years resolutions

The Condescending Corporate Brand Page on facebook

Pantone Merkel - a rainbow Spectacle of Tragedy

FONTBOMB in 3...2.....1...

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Dear Blank, Please blank = Funny.

Fiat Photobomb Prank

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Go art Director! go!


The local hotspot of Jukkasjärvi, Sweden is in danger. The Ice Hotel is in danger every year as its enemy gets ready to begin war. That's bad.

Ikea Product Recall - Allen Key

Ad agency rhyming slang

Shit Nobody Says About Advertising

The Comic Sans Defenders deface logotypes

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Everyone gets a meme

No sooner had the Jr Art Director meme made the rounds through the worlds ad agencies, when the Creative Director meme fired up.

Siri - and shit that Siri says.

OH about the TBWA\Chiat\Day "Iconic" pledge

Lets play London Advertising Monopoly!

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