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“Lee can change your image”, printads, 1971

Instead of paying a handsome famous model, the creatives opted for a lion head. “Lee can change your image” the line reads.

Landlubber Clothes Nude Hitchhiker 'Nothing is better' print ad, 1971

I'd rather be naked than not wear X is an ad strategy as old as time.

"Clarks will go to any length to give you fashion freedom" (1970) printad

Fashion is dead!

"Scroll along in panty hose by Berkshire" (1970) printad

"the leg goes for a Scroll in Berkshire's sheer, sandalfoot panty hose of Actionwear."

Lee - "Get a leg up with Lee" (1970) printad

"Get a leg up with Lee"

Buxton - How can you let a girl buy you a wallet? print, 1970

Girls don't know how really skinny they're cutting pants today.

Monet - Patriotic charm bracelet, Maud Adams, Lauren Hutton 1970 print

Monet was selling jewellery for a moment with cheeky portraits of women that represented a new generation, a younger, fresher, different style.

Movie Star ruffly thing and Julie Numar Catwoman 1970

Julie Newmar catwoman Movie Star ruffly thing

Peter Max paints panty hose for Burlington-Cameo - print, 1970

Peter Max is a German-American artist known for using bright colours in his work.

Nivella - Pantyhose / Strumpbyxor (1969) (Sweden)

Nivella strumpbyxor 1969

Seats - the Doesn't Slip (1969) printad

"It really doesn't cling!"

Märchen Embroideries and Laces, Japan, 1969


"The Sex Hunter" girdle ad, Japan 1969

Gripless! Not quite sure which part exactly is gripless, and the name of the ad makes me a little worried as to why it is gripless...

Princess Gardner - Wet is Wild (1969) print

Princess Gardner introduces the "wet look" . Body copy promises;

Maidenform Tric-o-lastic - I dreamed I stretched ... (1969) print USA

1969 Maidenform Tric-o-lastic Bras Print Ad I Dreamed I Stretched Here to There

Chemstrand Acrilan - Bus Stop - (1967) :30 (UK)

"The relentless gale crashed against Rodney's steel set brow"

Gunze hoisery, Japan, 1967

Let this leggy model lead the way!

Burlington - Socks / Dance / Can't fall down (1966) :30 (USA)

"With the launch of its acclaimed 1967 television commercial, Burlington pioneered the inclusion of performance features in dressy socks and made

"Think pretty... Seamprufe does" (1966) printad

"You're a woman and Seamprufe knows it"

Kayser is marvelous in bed - print 1966 USA

Looking this spectacular at bedtime used to be something that only happened in movies. Isn't progress marvellous?

Cira - The Experience is color (1966) print (USA)

The experience is color. Only by Caprolan. The nightgown is $20. Only by Cira.

Jantzen - When your number one, says Cousy, you don't have to try as hard - 1965, print

"This is the philosophy of the Jantzen International Sports Club: Relax, enjoy and stay on top. When it's water, insist on staying on top.

Maidenform - I dreamed I was tickled pink in my Maidenform (1962) print (USA)

I dreamed I was tickled pink in my Maidenform bra. Scrolls... newest Maidenform bra ...

Warners - Merry Widow / The loveliest ideas about you take shape at Warner's! - printad 1961 USA

The loveliest ideas about you take shape at Warner's!

Maidenform "I dreamed I bowled them over in my Maidenform bra" 1961

"I dreamed I bowled them over in my Maidenform bra" 

Kanebo, Wool Birds Japan, 1956

Wool bird

"The man in the Hathaway shirt" - Ogilvy, print 1955

Ellerton Jette was the president of Hathaway, and didn't have much of a budget.


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