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Semper Frukostvälling - Den första skeden / The first spoon (1975) (Sweden)

A man stumbles up for breakfast. clearly tired and a bit grumpy, as his wife has prepared välling which my dictionary translates as gruel.

Wasa Knäckebröd / Crisp bread - a tour of the Wasa Factory (1975) Sweden

Wasa Knäckebröd 1975

Poule au Pot - Magnus Härenstam / French (1975) (Sweden)

Poule au Pot 1975

Kinder Surprise - Humpty Dumpty Egg man - (1975) :30 (UK)

I think this was a success, I remember that they showed it to us in adschool and we were all gobsmacked. Still freaks me right the hell out.

Smedley's Sausage Rolls - Sneaky Granny (1975) :30 (UK)

Smedley's Sausage Rolls - Sneaky Granny ad by Ogilvy (1975) Sausage rolls... in a can?

Sara Lee - 'Who Ate The Sara Lee' (1975) (USA)

"Who ate the Sara Lee, who ate the piece I was saving just for me?"

McDonald's - Big Mac - (1975) 0:60 (USA)

Mrs. Butterworth - Kim Fields / Thick and Rich (1974) :30 (USA)

Long before she became "Tootsie" in "The facts of life", young and adorable Kim Fields had her small-screen acting debut in this M

Uncle Ben's Rice & Gravy - You did it (1974) (USA)

"Last week we had gravy but no rice, this week we have rice but no gravy!"

Scan - Hot Dogs and other sausages - The Chef show (1974) (Sweden)

The lady asks the host to teach her about sausages, and he explains that sausage from SCan is a great food as it has a lot of protein and not as much
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Epicure HP Pickles - "Alouette" (1973) :30 (UK)

They have pickles with the taste that tickles!

Birds Eye Peas - Pod went Pop - Patsy Kensit (1973) :15 (UK)

Birds eye peas, sweet as the moment, sweet as the moment when the pod went "pop"!

Birds Eye Peas - Pod went Pop / Patsy Kensit (1973) :30 (UK)

Birds eye peas, sweet as the moment, sweet as the moment when the pod went "pop"

Birds Eye Beefburgers - Bank Clerk (1973) :30 (UK)

Husband comes home from his last day at the bank, and he's robbed it.

Birds Eye Beefburgers - Dan & Ben (1973) :30 (UK)

My name is Ben, and this here is my brother Dan.

Hovis - Northern life - (1973) :45 (UK)

We walked off to shop after the war my mum and me.

Birds Eye Pies - Ambassador's Wife (1973) :30 (UK)

"The Bolivian ambassador is coming to dinner and the chef's gone off so I sent out for some Bird's Eye."

Smör - Tomten / The gnome / Midsommar (1973) :60 (Sweden)

To understand this ad, you must first understand what a Swedish "tomte" is. A tomte is sort of like a gnome, who lives on the farm/homest

Birds Eye Beefburgers - Dan & Ben - (1973) :30 (UK)

"He'll never be a poor starving artist."

Birds Eye Beefburgers - Bank Clerk's last day (1973) :30 (UK)

It's his last day of work, and his wife wants to cook him a dinner.

Hovis bread - Uphill - (1973) 0:35 (UK)

A young lad works hard for his Hovis.

HP sauce - "Hp sauce is a great British Sauce" / Vacation (1973) :30 (UK)

HP Sauce ad from 1973 - by Ogilvy & Mather

Farley's Rusks "Once a Farleyman, always a Farleyman" (1973) :30 (UK)

Farleys Rusks TV ad by Ogilvy from 1973 Mum Says

Campbell's Soup - Cost of living got you down? / Dody Goodman (1972) (USA)

"Cost of living got you down?" asks the jingle.  "Prices are so high, I take a ladder to go shopping!" replies Dody Goodman.

Birds Eye Beefburgers - Gangster - (1972) :30 (UK)

The ditzy blond who is the gangster's girlfriend doesn't quite understand the dire situation and suggests ordering Birds Eye Beefburgers

Birds Eye Desserts - Oliver Twist / More - (1972) :30 (UK)

The classic scene from Oliver Twist has Oliver wanting more - because he's been served Birds Eye dessert like peach and cream flavor, raspberry r

Kelloggs - Frosted mini-wheats cereal (1972) (USA)

America is waking up to a great new breakfast idea!

Dawn - Grease Grabber & "Gail Strickland" (1972) 1:00 (U.S.A.)

Gather 'round kids and listen to the story of the 1970's. Now, in the 1970's drugs were very popular.

Ost / Cheese - The Cheese party (1972) no subtitles (Sweden)

Cheese! This family likes to have friends over, but like so many worry about having to prepare meals.

Kraft - Parkay Margarine Countryfresh flavor (1971) (USA)

Kraft Parkay Margarine  (1971)

Frödinge Ostkaka - ready-made Cheesecake from Småland (1971) (Sweden)

In this advert a nice lady tells us all about the traditional Småland cheesecake, which nobody in småland would do without, is now available in pre-ma

Alpha Bits: Jackson 5 (1971) :30 (U.S.A.)

Jackson 5 make a cameo for alpha bits cereal, and their special prize inside: stuff to pimp your bicycle.

Sugar Crisp: Jackson 5 (1971) :30 (U.S.A.)

The Jackson 5 sing their hit for an insanely edited commercial for Sugar Crisp cereal.

Sibylla - Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt / Din Rätt (1971) (Sweden)

Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt eats a hot dog and tries to remember the brand name. "It's a woman's name. Starts with an S. Sigurd.

British Chicken - Margaret Powell / Luxury food we can all afford (1971) :15 /UK)

O&M British Chicken ad from 1971 - starring Margaret Powell

Läkerol - Opera / Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt (1970)

Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt does not enjoy the opera, it disturbs his nap.

Burger King - 'Whopper' "Can I have a whopper Lieutenant?" (1970) (USA)

"Can I have a whopper Lieutenant?"

Birds Eye Desserts - Princess - (1970) :30 (UK)

Once upon a time there was a princess who had three suitors.

Birds Eye Roast Beef Dinner for One - Brief Encounter -(1970)

"I'm going to say goodbye."  "No, don't say goodbye, it sounds, so permanent." "It's only for a very short

Birdseye Pies - Vicar's Wife - (1970) :30 (UK)

It'll make a dishonest woman out of you.

Birds Eye Pies - Temptress - (1970) :30 (UK)

The seductive lady serves birds eye pie as if she had made it.

King Vitaman Cereal (1970) (USA)

British Eggs "E for B, and be your best!" / George Best (1970) :40 (UK)

British Eggs E For B ad starring George Best - by O&M (1970)

Swanson Breakfast "Send him off..." print 1972

"Swanson makes it easy to send him off with a good breakfast"

Carnation Instant Breakfast - Carolyn Brand off to school 1970

Los Angeles teen Carolyn Brand models for this ad

Birds Eye desserts - Rule Britannia (1969) :30 (UK)

Trifle, the cornerstone of the British Empire. When the people stopped bothering to make trifle, the Empire started to crumble. Coincidence perhaps.

Swanson Fried Chicken - a Good Chicken Dinner should have - 1969, print USA

A good chicken dinner should have....

Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers - "Crunch" (1969) printad (USA)


Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders - What's for dinner? - (1969) :30 (USA)

It didn't matter if you were a model, a secretary or a homemaker, in the late 1960s the only thing on a woman's mind all day was What should

Kentucky Fried Chicken's - Colonel Sanders home - (1969) :30 (USA)

In this ad from 1969, Kentucky Fried Chicken's Colonel Sanders wants a word "with these folks" and he means you the viewer through the

Heinz - Race / The Slowest Ketchup in the West - (1968) :60 (USA)

The ketchup bottle is minding his own business, in a saloon, as you would, when catsup arrives. Catsup challenges Heinz Ketchup to a draw.

Cook magazine, Japan, 1967.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken "Lie Detector" (1967) 1:00 (USA)

This ad is from 1967 and it's got a deep paranoid Manchurian Candidate or Dr Strangelove vibe about it.

Campbell Tomato Soup - Stops winter cold - printad 1966

Stops winter cold Sun-drenched tomato fragrance and red-ripe tomato. flavor give you summer warmth in every sip of Campbell's Tomato Soup.

Mustang & Post Rice Krinkles - So-Hi presents Mustang in box - (1966)

This vintage ad is an early example of cobranding, Rice Krinkles had a series of Mustangs inside their cereal box, little toy cars that came in Arcadi

Egg - Wedding Day - (1964) :30 (UK)

Cadbury's Flake - Waterfall - (1964) :30 (UK

Way back in the 1960s, a very pretty young lady was enlisted to carefully roll the wrapper off a cadbury's Flake, and then stick it in her mouth.
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Levy's Rye: You don't have to be Jewish - 1964

These ads would totally not run today, like ever. But disregarding that, the idea is so simple it's kind of crazy how simple it is.

Rolling Stones Rice Crispies ad from 1964 - Snap! Crackle! Beat!

Brian Jones co-wrote this jingle with the J. Walter Thompson ad agency in 1964.

Eggs - Tony Hancock in France (1962) :30 (UK)

Tony Hancock goes on holiday and starves himself because he believes that the French don't eat eggs for breakfast. Silly Tony!

"Trust Swanson" TV Brand Swiss Steak Dinner print ad, 1960

Trust Swanson. Their Swiss steak is the kind you can cut with a fork.

Cape Fruit - Juicy Cape Pears / Tommy Cooper (1959) :30 (UK)

Tommy Cooper shills pears for Cape Fruit.

HP Sauce - Haggis / Everything goes with HP sauce (1959) :15 (UK)

HP Sauce - Haggis ad from 1959

Rice Crispies - Piano Jingle - (1958) :60 (USA)

Snap Crackle and Pop play the piano and sing a jingle.

Cheerios - v8 - Moon rocket kit (1958) :60 (USA)

Collect cheerios and v8 labels and get this fab moon rocket kit. Wait, cheerios and v8?? It seems that leave it to beaver likes it.

Egg - Tony Hancock and Patricia Hayes crossword puzzle (1957) :30 (UK)

"Go to work on an egg" Tony Hancock and Patricia Hayes try to solve a crossword puzzle, they argue over eggs vs eel and pig vs pie. 

Jell-O - Ancient Chinese Pantomime - (1955) (USA)

The chinese baby is eating glape Jello. Uh-huh.

Chiquita Banana Original - (1955) 1:24

"Hello Amigo...I'm Chiquita Banana, and I've come to say Bananas have to ripen in a certain way. And when they are flecked with brown

Domino - Which is less fattening? Sugar - or an apple? 1953 printad USA

3 teaspoons of Domino sugar contains fewer calories than three raw carrots!

Cheerios - Baseball Jingle - (1952) (USA)


Batchelors Wonderful Peas Peas (1950s) (UK)

Batchelors Wonderful Peas Peas ad from the late 1950s


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