marketing mishaps

Peeping Tomfoolery -- OR -- Close Encounters of the Ad Kind

New York Times - now with TV commercials

Quiet Man Flames away.

Agency Gets Costly Dot-Com Lesson

Though they're an e-biz flunk out, bankrupt wound up teaching former agency DeVito/Verdi a thing or two about dot commerce.

The Swoosh Is In Your Court


Braille Posters that can't be read by anyone.....

Slag = bad / Pot Noodle "Slag of all snacks" campaign banned

Pot noodle has recived the final blow to it's slag campaign As if being knocked up to 9PM watershed and having the slogan changed wasn't
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Canadian and Australian beer infused rants!

Beer and patriotism go together - that's just the way it is. But to copy the famous Canadian "rant", except down in Oz?

Dear PETA: "Save the wild pussy"

Preem vs Good Guys Auto.

Separated at birth? Three drinks do the same thing.

Citroen - Bank Heist - (1994) 0:60 (France)


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