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14 Hands Unveils New Canned Wine Line by Spoofing Iconic Beer Ads

Rather than fighting against beer, Seattle-based creative agency Copacino+Fujikado is pulling up a cheeky stool to the bar with its “Grab a Wineski” d

The town of "Speed" changed its name to "Speedkills" after 10K likes on Facebook

Here's a different PSA from the Transport Accident Commission Victoria (TAC), there's a town - sorry there was a town - called Speed somewhe

Protect Health Insurance Companies PSA spoof.


Cumming, The fragrance and the Sophie Dahl nude shoot spoof

I don't know why Clay is so preoccupied with perfumes recently, but he just wondered aloud if anyone knew how cumming the fragrance was selling.

NY Times: Which Came First, or Does It Even Matter?


"Be kind, rewind" - Ok, I will!

Adland's own hot-shot director Michel Gondry has a new movie coming out called "Be Kind Rewind." In it two guys who work in a video sto

Get out of advertising! Where do you get inspired?

Paul Arden yells this at lectures - "Get out of advertising!" - meaning seek inspiration from outside of the office walls.

You know what they say about big hands....?

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Ryanair ad gets spoofed by Greenpeace

The "lost" mac ads.

What a lemon sounds like


Apple's real benefits over the PC


The religious iPod spoof

his is one of the funnier spoofs I've seen. I saw it outside London's St. Lukes church.

Badland does Album covers

Some people believe that every ad that is similar in idea to another ad, is a rip-off.

Too graphical?

Two southamerican posters, cheekily refering to each other. Jason pops his head in on the list with this message:

Opium Spikes Ale Sales

It had to happen. Deemed the most offensive ad of 2001, Opium's pale nude Sophie Dahl ad has inspired a Newcastle Brown spoof.


Clayton alerted me and the adlisters to a new site out there this morning, Marketing-Myopia.com, and I looked it over briefly, not all too suprised ab

Creative Hand Jobs

wanted - an IDEA!

Have I told you once before? A layout is not an idea. A layout can communicate an idea more or less effectivly - but never replace the idea.

Milk and Mobile Phones.

Milk? and Mobile phones? What do they have in common? The packaging of course! But don't drag that all the way to the ads.....

Visa - Camel Repair (1994) - 0:30 (USA)


Schweppes - John Cleese Taste - (1991) 0:60 (UK)

John Cleese and co-star take the piss of the CK ads at the time. Sorry about the slight wobble in the tape.
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