The Adland Crew

Åsk Dabitch - Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief When I built Adland in 1996, I wanted the publication to be a knowledge resource and a watercooler for creatives. It still is.
Did not expect to be outed by Creativity in 2001, listed the world's #6 most influential by Brandrepublic, interviewed in Adweek, & in the top 22 list by BI. I did expect the gossip, though.

You can reach Dabitch via the email & submissions contact. Tweets at Adland and gossips at Dabitch in multiple languages.

Kidsleepy - Lead Writer Kidsleepys is a CD by day, Adlander by night, and king of snark 24/7. He brings more than 15 years of experience guiding global accounts to his reviews of spots. Unfulfilled idealists are not cynics, but always expect high standards in ideas and execution. You can reach Kidsleepy via the email & submissions contact. Tweets at Kidsleepys.
Jane Goldman - Contributing writer and editor Contributor since 2002, Jane has been interviewed as an Adland correspondent about Super Bowl ads, women in advertising and more. As a Creative Director with over 15 years experience, she brings her knowledge as an advertising and marketing generalist (big ideas, strategy, branding) and a digital/integrated, and copywriting specialist to her Adland articles. You can reach Jane via the submissions contact. Tweets at Caff.
Clayton Hove - Writer Creative Director and king of the funny, when Clayton isn't making Smart car twitter jokes that turn into case studies of how to handle social media branding, he is critiquing the super bowl commercials with us. He has joined us for this annual tradition since 1999, and we've live-tweeted the event since 2008. Tweets at adtothebone.
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