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Brendan Eich's Brave new world: a browser that adblocks & helps publishers

Brendan Eich announced yesterday a new browser called “Brave,” a browser that blocks outside online ads and ad tracking.


Twitter Verified: the blue checkmark that can cost $60,000 a year

In writing The Trouble with Twitter: Trolls, Verifications removed & Stock failing, I hunted around the internet to learn more about the Twitter Verified process.


The Trouble With Twitter. Trolls, Verifications removed & Stock failing

Twitter is experiencing serious growing pains as of late, with the twitter stock dropping below $20 today, for the first time ever.


David Lowery talks to adland about the Spotify lawsuit

The bombshell dropped on Big Tech today when it was reported David Lowery filed a $150 million dollar class action lawsuit against Spotify. In response, Spotify has


David Lowery files $150 million class action lawsuit against Spotify

You read that right.


The Washington Post confuses Big Tech critics with Big Tech haters

Today's Drudge Report linked a Washington Post article under the clickbait headline Anti-Tech Movement grows. The article itself has two names.


Down The Tubes: How being internet famous doesn't pay

In today's Hollywood Reporter there's an article by Bill Carter about the still runway success Jimmy Fallon is enjoying, and how Stephen Colbert as


More hotels are getting smarter, advertising on Airbnb

As AirBnB recovers from its tone deaf advertising telling legislators where to spend taxes when they themselves


Apple launches "News" where "anyone" can publish: will it help pay for journalism?

Facebook's doing it, HTC is doing it (with News Republic), even educated bees are doing it, let's all create a News App.


EFF files FTC complaint against Google for deceptively tracking students

To coincide with its "Spying on Students" campaign which launched today, the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a complaint today with the FTC against google. For what, you ask?