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Which ad won the super bowl? Madonna's.

So, approximately 169 million people have been buzzing all day around the various watercoolers in the offices of the world, pondering who won the adbowl. The answer is: Madonna did. Refactoring iconic Hollywood with an entrance fit for Elizabeth Taylor, roping in slackrope walkers, doing handstands with cirque du soleil and dubbing her pop princesses, Madonna just showed all you advertising people up. She might have slipped once, but she can hipshake with the best of them, and isn't afraid to elbow one half of LMFAO in the chest for missing his cue. She just showed you adfolks how one borrows interest, rides the wave of the latest trends, and dresses up in "been done before" without losing sight of selling her own brand in the process. Unlike some of the ads in this years superbowl, I think Madonna will move the most units. You ad kids should take notes.


Bud Light goes to the dogs - for laughs. They've done the fetching dog before.

Tonight during super bowl XLVI Bud Light ran and ad with a talented dog in, a dog that will fetch as son as you say "here we go". And not just anything either, noo, this dog will fetch beer. What a practical dog to have. Better than a walking fridge.

Thing is, we've seen Bud Light kinda do this one before. In a super bowl, no less.


Ford asks Chevy to pull the "Dave drove a Ford" apocalypse super bowl ad

Apparently Ford was peeved at the Chevy super bowl ad, where all the survivors of the apocalypse predicted by the Mayan calendar meet up before frogs start raining from the sky, and notice they're missing one person from their pickup-truck posse. The older guy in the gang then responds with a line which sounds like he's reading straight from the brief: "Dave didn't drive the longest-lasting, most-dependable full-size pickup truck on the road" and ends with "Dave drove a Ford".

According to WSJ Chevrolet said it received a letter yesterday from longtime rival Ford Motor Co. asking that it not show its Super Bowl commercial for the Chevy Silverado pickup.


Chevy super bowl ad inspired by Danish Seat ad, inspired by Bee movie?

The game hasn't even begun yet, we're all out getting snacks, chips and silly amounts of beers and other drinks in preparation for the big game. Bathroom breaks have been planned in the spots of the super bowl ads we've already showed you. Here's some more trivia that you may impress (or frighten) your friends with while the commercials are on, the first super bowl badlander. If they are adgeeks too, they'll be impressed. If they are civilians, they'll think you're a freak. Don't worry, we've all been there. God knows I have.


Most Notable Budweiser and Bud Light Super Bowl Ads from the past 40 years

Since the 70s, Budweiser and Bud Light ads have been staples in the Super Bowl of Advertising. We've dug into the Super Bowl archive of 40 years of Super Bowl commercials to take a look back at some of the more notable spots.


See Seinfeld in Super Bowl Ads from the past--he's back after 12 years away

Last time Jerry Seinfeld was in a Super Bowl ad was 1999, during his heydays as an American Express spokesperson. Throughout the 1990s, he appeared in Super Bowl ads for the brand. This year he's back but for Honda Acura. Take a trip down memory lane...


Super Bowl XLVI: The Ads of 2012 *SPOILER ALERT* UPDATED 2/5

It’s here! Well, hours away now. Check out the ads you’ll see and watch a good number of them now, so you can know which ones to run to the bathroom during, and which ones you really want to see again. Of course, you’ll be able to watch them again and again right here after the game. And after you watch what will air today, dig into 40 years of Super Bowl Ads in our archive right here:

NOTE: If you want to be surprised, don't go any farther. And, don't say we didn't warn you.


Darling, your brief is showing: A Super Bowl USP critique.

So you have a Super Bowl spot. It's creative. Or at least what passes as creative. There’s just one thing: the actual USP or RTB or whatever acronym you want to use that stands for “the part where we sell you shit.” What do you do with it?

Apparently some have chosen to regurgitate a line on the fucking brief.

Case in point:


Downy's pathetic attempt at Super Bowl spot

Apparently the creatives behind this sad sack of an ad for Downy's Unstopables, think it's a quality idea to rip off a classic Super Bowl spot and make it suck. Mean Joe Greene sells his soul along with Amy Sedaris in this 30-second spot. Sure, it's a pre-game ad, but that doesn't mean you should half-ass it. Plus, Coke already went there in 2009 for its Coke Zero with "Mean Troy". Oh Grey, you should really be ashamed.


Super Bowl XLVI: Ads of 2012 - SPOILER ALERT - UPDATED 2/3

Yes, there's more new news on what ads you can expect to see on Sunday 2/5 during Super Bowl XLVI. As always, the more we find out about the commercials we'll see in the big game that brands paid $3.5 million per 30 second spot, the more we'll update. Check back for more updates to come--we've called out what's new to make it easier for you to skim.

NOTE: If you want to be surprised, don't go any farther. And, don't say we didn't warn you.


Anheuser-Busch: Bud Light Platinum"Factory" is a :30 spot that showcases how "the process of creating something truly Platinum is revealed". Ends with #MakeItPlatinum. Expect less frat-boy humor and a “more stylish, serious tone” that promotes “triple-filtered, smooth finish, top-shelf taste.”
Created by: Translation led by Steve Stoute and Jay-Z.