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Cruisin' with Lee Tamahori

It's tough being a Kiwi icon - tall poppies seem to be there to be cut down!
For those of you who haven't caught up with the news, it is alleged that our very own Lee Tamahori, one-time TVC director, but now successful Hollywood film director seems to have got in a spot of bother over in La La Land.
Hey, what a guy chooses to wear in the privacy of his own home is his affair.
If he feels that he should then go out late at night dressed like that - well, I guess that's also up to him as well.
Trying to pick up some guy while all dressed up- so what? We're all broad-minded people aren't we?
Asking that person for money for services to be rendered? - Ummmmm.......
Finding out that the person is an undercover cop? CLANG - DO NOT PASS GO....


New media agency open: all ad space is rooftops.

You read that right, a brand new media agency has opened and all they sell is rooftop ad space. Inspired by the "target" that people only recently noticed on a Target stores roof thanks to Google maps, RooFShout is dedicated to selling rooftop adspace. They even managed to get an article in Wired on a slow newsday: Monetize Your Roof. Old adfoxes know though, that where there are airports, there are ads aimed at the eyeballs in the sky, and there always has been. This won't stop Colin Fitz-Gerald who is launching a new biz with some happy go lucky attitude.

"I'm currently launching with no money, no real experience running a business on the internet, and no real solid business plan," Fitz-Gerald said. "But I figure there's a lot of blank roofs and a lot of advertising that could go on the roofs."
The rooftop site states "RoofShout is interested in unique, creative advertising venues- not interested in any form of body tattoo advertising or similar venues." yeah, beacuse this idea isn't like those other internet based agencies dedicated to other novelty media at all. Nope siree. This was in Wired, remember? When the hype is hot, build a website! (whoa, headrush, it felt like 1999 again for a moment there..)

Oral B wants you to brush with romance

It seems that Fabio is all over the place in ad campaigns - Nationwide's Super Bowl spot, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, and now part of BrushWithRomance campaign for Oral B Sensitive Advantage.

I have to wonder, is it really only women who have sensitive gums? I'm still trying to figure out what "Brush with Romance" means. Read more for screenshots.


Guinness puts it in the fridge

Guinness' new cinema and telly spot will break in two weeks in the UK. Created by AMV BBDO, Guinness' agency of record, the ad builds on the "Good things come to those who wait." Shot in Prague, “Fridge” features music by Lemonade Drinkers.


Battle of the ad blogs, Winners!

The Battle ofthe ad blogs, sponsored by Jewelboxing and pixiesdiscs got pretty heated. Ambush attacks and all! Now that the dust has settled, I can show you what went on. Whats an award without a little controversy?

I'm not to type to play with my cards hidden (I truly suck at poker), I'll show you what the logs revealed. Yes, as some suspected, and many alerted me to, a few people were cheating best they could. Lets not assume that it was on the blog-owners suggestion, it might just have been overzelous fans. Okay? I'd hate it if people got mad at each other for this. Though yes I know, in love and (blog)wars.... ;)
First let me apologise for buying a shoddy script that did not do as advertised. Me of all people should know better than to listen to the sell-spiel. Next year I will build a better mousetrap myself.

1) Some IP-numbers actually has managed to vote more than once on the same question, up to 75 times actually, it will be reduced to one vote (per ip# and Q) as announced in the rules.
2) People have been using "anonymizers" (or other IP hiding software) plenty to vote, these votes will be annulled.

Read more and I'll show you exactly what I found, screendumps and all.


Sheppard of Runt does SHOTS

Director Graydon Sheppard has directed this cryptic little film for the reel of reels, SHOTS magazine. It was on the DVD issue 93 that came out this week. Graydon is a new director with Runt, the youth division of UNTITLED Toronto.


Demonic kids in vintage ads

Pal iconomy has discovered this deeply disturbing archive of demonic kids in vintage ads, where brownies are devoured with a diabolical stare, pork and beans