Adland's twitter account has been suspended.

Adland's Twitter account has been suspended. It was a verified account and created in 2007, and it was lost in an instant when I attempted to add my age to the profile page.

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This serves as a reminder to not spend too much time on platforms controlled by others, as I had just created a thread of old art tools that were common in ad agencies not so long ago as a respone to the Buzzfeed article showing "old things" that people may not recognize. As that thread was completed I spotted a follower in my suggestions that was a social media marketer of spirits.
Since I like to follow marketing and advertising people back with adland, I attempted to do that. But in order to follow someone sho speaks about booze, one has to add their age to their profile.

Upon opening the dropdown menu for years and scrolling all the way down from 2020 it slipped at 1996, and the account was instantly blocked by twitter.

You see, adland opened a Twitter account in 2007, making adand only 11 years old then.

Apart from the terribe UX design here, it's even more frustrating since adland has been a verified account for several years, which means Twitter already has my passport or ID scan on file somewhere. The year trigger shouldn't happen for anyone using a drop-down menu like that, but even less so for an account that has already identified itself with a national ID.

New ID scans have been submitted and hopefully, we won't have to wait weeks before we get reinstated. So, moral of the story, don't auto-post forms with javascript, please don't start age verification years on 2020 with drop-downs so we have to scroll for several minutes, and don't waste your time publishing content on platforms you can not fully control.


It'll be intersting to see how this works when adland returns, which I am sure it will, and how it may effect the follower count.

Update: Monday December 14 adland's Twitter account was reinstated. We received absolutly no word from Twitter about this, instead someone we know on Twitter had to alert me that they could now see @adland again. 


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This is the dumbest suspension reason I've ever heard about. The UX team should be fired.

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December 5, 2020 (01:51 ET)

Now that I see what Twitter did. Besides the stupid age year scrolling Twitter assumes all age input must comply with a law, North America and/or EU that automatic lock. All that protect the children stuff. If you had an DOB that is blank then setting DOB triggered legal requirement when stupid UI slipped at year.

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I mean, I feel it's dumb that Twitter didn't note my age when they Verified the account, to prevent any triggers like this.

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I may let it slide that they blocked you for being eleven years old when the account was started if they had immediately reinstated the account, like a professional company. But it's been over three days now. It's embarrassing.

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How is this taking more than two hours to fix?

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How is this taking more than six days to fix? All good questions. I didn't even think it was that big of a deal until all these people who have lost brand accounts began contacting me about this. Seems Twitter has a habit of shutting down brand accounts and not reinstating them, which surprises me.

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How is this taking more than a week to fix? I suspect Twitter wanted to shut you down.

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Unbelievable. What the hell are Twitter doing?