1-800-Contacts "Snake" (2014) :30 (USA)

There was a show called Eaten Alive where a guy supposedly wanted to get eaten alive by a boa constrictor but what happened instead was not much and America flipped its shit because apparently they wanted to watch a guy get eaten alive by a snake and this is what The Discovery channel, and by extension, America, has become.
I mention this because the creators of this spot moved up the air date from January, to around the time "Eaten Alive" actually came out to try and capitalize on it.
My question for y'all is, was it worth the price of admission?

Client: 1-800-Contacts
Agency: Pereira & O’Dell
Chief Creative Officer: P.J. Pereira
Vice President, Executive Creative Director: Jaime Robinson
Creative Directors: Jason Apaliski, Robert Lambrechts
Art Directors: Tim Delger, Brett Beaty
Copywriter: Katie Brinkworth, Simon Friedlander
Account Director: Ashley Brown
Associate Strategy Director: Molly Cabe
Strategic Planner: Beth Windheuser
Vice President, Media Strategy: Joshua Brandau
Vice President, Production: Jeff Ferro
Senior Broadcast Producer: Elisa Moore
Director of Business Affairs: Jaime Szefc
Production Company: Epoch
Director: Phil Morrison
Director of Photography: Reed Morano
Executive Producer: John Duffin
Producer: Phillip Rose
Editorial Company:
Arcade Edit
Editor – Greg Scruton
Assistant Editor – John Gallagher/Ryan Andrus
EP/Managing Partner – Damian Stevens
EP – Nicole Visram
Producer – Gavin Carroll
Visual Effects, Timber
Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau – Creative Director’s / Partners
Chris Webb – EP
Damian Stevens – Managing Director/Partner
Michael Theurer – Head of Production
Chris Homel – Lead Smoke Artist
Austin Hickman-Fain – Assistant Smoke
Emily Avoujageli – Producer
Music: Future Perfect
Executive Producer: Maxwell Gosling
Sound: 740 Sound,
Sound Designer:
740 Sound, John Martin
Executive Producers:
Scott Ganary
Mix: One Union

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