1-900-NERD-GIRL (2009) :45 (USA)

I have not watched the Lord of the Rings film even once, although I have seen the cartoon version of J.R.R. Tolkien's, The Hobbit many times in my younger days, and I still like it. I have watched only three of the episodes in the Star Wars saga, the first one being the film released in 1977. Maybe I like board games just because I like to roll dice. I am not a nerd.

I just found them likable, that's all. They are women, I'm a man, I found them attractive. It has nothing to do with what they were doing, the sexy voice, the costumes, the elf ears.... I am not a nerd. I will not call the number.

Besides, the number is not a real number, right? Right? Maybe, I should call just to make sure.

Written, Directed & Edited by John T. Mickevich
Camera by Bob Levitan and Brian Chase

Jessica McCabe
Caroline Gordon-Elliott

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Neo's picture

Jesus TDD where did you find this? "Old school" with pen and paper....

TDD's picture

It is from a sketch comedy group called, The Monkey Box.

Grant's picture

This is a rip off of a Saturday Night Live sketch with Paris Hilton


Neo's picture

Made so much better by the lack of her. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!

TDD's picture

Who am I to say what is funny and what isn't? but the best that long S.N.L. sketch got out of me was a slight smile. The Monkey Box one had me laughing so hard it hurt when I first saw it. It still makes me laugh when I watch it. That's just my two cents worth.

Dabitch's picture

I liked the SNL part once they reached Lt Uhura. But that was because she said she'd do something logical to me. ... & Lt. Uhura is the hawtness.
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