"+10": adidas kicks off on the 10th of the 10th

The creative team behind Adidas latest campaign have a thing for numbers as they launched their nes poster series +10, on the 10th of the 10th at 10:10 CET at adidas.com/football.

The campaign features black and white portraits combined with nationalistic colors of the player portreayed, over 25 players are featured amongthem Beckham, Kaka, Riquelme, Zinedine Zidane, Raúl and Michael Ballack.
The portraits were shot by the photographer Robert Wilson. Robert is the son of the legendary Arsenal goalkeeper Bob Wilson, keeping it all in the football family so to speak.

"+10" is about any player and his team. The campaign celebrates what the individual can do for the team and what the team can do for the individual stars. Only when individuals work together within, and for, the team they will be able to achieve impossible results. This was best demonstrated by the Greek victory in the UEFA Euro 2004™ where a strong team effort accomplished the impossible.

"Football is something you have to do together, nothing is more important than the team. Individual brilliance only works with a strong team around you, with people who are ready to fight, win and celebrate together," says Real Madrid striker Raúl Gonzales Blanco, "What is the first thing I do after I score a goal? I look for my team-mates, to share our emotions, to share what we have achieved together. The team is all that matters!"


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