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2 Boys at the beach - (2012) - The Fund for Reconciliation, Tolerance and Peace

The animation presents two young boys: David, an Israeli, and Ali, a Palestinian. They play carelessly on the beach in a hypothetical, but poignantly real future time of peace. As they speak of the unthinkable violence of the past, images of suicide bombers, scrambling jet fighters, and an impenetrable wall boil over the screen. The pair, relieved that the chaos has ended so they can be friends, end the 2:00 animation by discarding their shirts and sprinting into the ocean.

The animation was a global pro-bono effort made by Creative Director Eitan Chitayat, Lobo of Brazil, The Ebeling Group, Birdo Studios, Wicked Music, Sweet Sound and Firefly Pictures. "We worked together for two years with one goal in mind: to tell the human story of the conflict," explains Chitayat. "It's not easy viewing, but we hope that what people remember is that working toward a future in which children live in peace isn't just a goal. It's a responsibility we all share&one we're confident the fund will work tirelessly to achieve."

Today's launch seeks to raise awareness of the Fund's mission: to help Palestinians and Israelis break through deep-seated psychological barriers such as hatred, fear and mistrust, and work together toward ending their long-standing conflict.

"Our goal is to bridge the divide between Israelis and Palestinians and break down psychological barriers that have kept our two peoples apart," noted fund Executive Director Yitzhak Frankenthal, whose son Arik was kidnapped and killed by Hamas in 1994. "Until our ground-breaking programs launch, we hope people across the world discuss this video on Facebook and other social media platforms and start a transformational conversation."

The fund was established by the generous donations of singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, who was inspired by bereaved Palestinian and Israeli families meeting each other in peace. The animation was created with different global audiences in mind and can be viewed in English, Arabic, Hebrew and Portuguese on the Fund's dedicated YouTube channel.

Client: The Fund for Reconciliation, Tolerance and Peace

Agency: Eitan Chitayat
ECD: Eitan Chitayat
Copy: Eitan Citayat, Shelley Hermon (Firefly Pictures), Brad Mislow
AD: Manuel Dischinger (Lobo)

Production Companies: Lobo, Birdo Studio, The Ebeling Group
Director(s): João Tenorio (Lobo), Coi Belluzzo (Lobo)
CD: Mateus de Paula Santos (Lobo)
EP(s): Mick Ebeling (The Ebeling Group), Alberto Lopes (Lobo), Sergio Salles (Lobo)
Producer(s): Shelley Hermon (Firefly Pictures), Sue Lee (The Ebeling Group), Patrizia Fanganiello (Lobo)
Line Producer: Davis Fabri (Lobo)

Israel Casting Director: Nitsana Bellehsen

Brazil Casting Director: Daniel Ortega

Voice Director(s): Nitsana Bellehsen, Adi Topol

English Boys Voice Over(s): Moti Rosenzweig, Zaki Hinnawi

Hebrew/Arabic Boys Voice Over(s): Hadi Josef, Lear Issa

Hebrew/Arabic Boys Voice Over(s) (Lobo): Michel Joelsas (David), Gabriel Fayad (Ali)

Music: Wicked Music
Composers: Vico Sharabani, Daniel Freedman, Omer Avital

Sound Recording & Mixing: Sweet Sound
Mixer: Uri Kalian

Sound Recording & Mixing: Lobo
Mixer(s): Raw Audio (Lobo), Roberio Barbosa (Lobo)

Footage: Highlight Films, Firefly Pictures

Editor(s): João Tenorio, Vinicius Martins, Shelley Hermon, Sari Ezouz

Compositing: João Tenorio

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