2016 Effies - Sonic boom running shoes / BBQ - (2015) :30 (USA)

Cornered by a relative at the BBQ, this woman is pitched a super bowl commercial for running shoes that contains a sonic boom. "Not Every Idea is a Good Idea"

"One of the few perks of working in the ad business are the unsolicited ideas we get from people. For me, it's my accountant and father-in-law. Their ideas are sometimes funny, sometimes insane, usually completely oblivious of all logistics ... but they're always entertaining as hell."

Amos Goss, ECD (VIA)

gency: The VIA Agency
Executive Creative Director: Amos Goss
Executive Creative Director: Teddy Stoecklein
Group Creative Director: Jake Benjamin
ACD, Art Director, Bobby Pfeiffenberger
Sr. Copywriter: Kristen Kriisa
Sr. Art Director: Mikael Kriisa
ACD, Copy: Chris Jacobs
Client Strategist: Luke Stevens
Executive Director of Production: Mary Hanifin

Production: Assembly Films
Director: Christopher Bean
Executive Producer: Gloria Colangelo
Executive Producer: Becky Donahue
Line Producer: Kyra DeMarco
Director of Photography: Gerry Wenner,

Post-Production: The RecRoom
Editor: Bryan Moak

Audio: Yessian
Weston Fonger
Casting: Sidecar
Casting Director: Anthony Pichette

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