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25 minutes. That's how long KLM's Mexico tweet lasted.

On twitter KLM celebrated the Netherlands win against Mexico in the world cup with a snarky "Adios Amigos!". Since the simple icon depicting a Mexican on the Airline Departure sign has a moustache, scarf & sombrero symbol on it, I quickly predicted that was going to bit them in the ass, all the while Digiday, Buzzfeed and I'm sure countless advertising and marketing professionals ran off to post on Linkedin about how bad this idea was. The tweet lasted 25 minutes, before KLM took it down.

I'm getting so tired of these little twitter storms of outrage that I wonder... Will brands will ever learn how to handle social media? Will Labrokes ever open this up for a betting pool? I could be rich, man. So while we say Adìos to KLM's social media manager, I predict the conversation about clogs vs sombreros will be this weeks racist hot topic.

update, meanwhile, Aeromexico show some class.

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