3 Tre - Musiken tillbaka / Music is Back - (2015) 2:00 (Sweden)

Mobile channel "tre" (three) - known as 3 - are giving away a pack of free music. Retirement homes can sign up and they'll get a free tablet, speakers and one year of free music streaming.
Music counteracts dementia and alzheimer's, and it makes people feel both energized and happier, according Töres Theorell, a doctor and researcher in Psychosocial Medicine who has studied the subject.

- "There's no doubt that music affects us. The brain is like a muscle, it needs constant activity and exercise. If we ignore the use of the brain and perhaps just lying in a bed, it'll wither. Listening to music is a concentrated way to focus on what is happening, and is a kind of a brain exercise, like a workout" says Töres Theorell.

The initiative from 3 brings color to the lives of Sweden's seniors by giving them free music, to do something concrete for a music-loving generation who have fewer resources and attention in society today. "We saw that there was a problem in many homes for the elderly in Sweden: music and entertainment are not prioritized. Not because the will is not there. But because the caretakers simply do not have time for or are resources for music. Music is part of our DNA and therefore it is natural for us to help with that free music and the technology that enables it", says Nicholas Högberg, CEO of Three Sweden.

This is a really nice idea. Our grandparents and parents are individuals who grew up with music, giving them the music back is a lovely gesture in the current climate in Sweden, where we are increasingly aware of the fact that the elder care is sub-optimal on some areas, such as individual entertainment.

Client: Tre

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