365 - Endless net / Fishermen (2016) :90 (Iceland)

I love Icelandic, it's so bizarrely familiar and foreign at the same time for me, with diction so similar to Swedish but then so utterly different at the same time. So it's a treat to hear this all singing and all dancing silly little ad, even though I know from the start that we're operating on a pun. The trawler's captain says "We have unlimited net!" and starts off the ship singing a song together. There's tap dancing, fish being thrown around and even a Flashdance homage. They even break out the champagne to have with the fishballs for dinner! It's ridiculous and entertaining, because it's not overly styled, but instead shot dead-pan realistic. Very funny guys.

Ad agency: Aylene Gardiner Agency
Directed by: Styrmir Sigurosson
Post: Dodlur Iceland

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