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A1 Steak Sauce - The Silent Treatment (2005) 0:30 (USA)

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I dispute in the house (and a wager at stake). My wife, from a local ad agency in DC, believes that this commercial is suggesting the wife is arguing to the stranger "what are you doing" as if to suggest "Why are you using A1 sauce on steak at a fine restaurant." In other words, she believes the commercial is commenting on the stigma that no self respecting person would use a-1 sauce on a fine steak.

While I am a mere computer programmer, and not an ad professional as my wife is, I think this is crazy for several reasons. One, why on Earth would a-1 pay money for a commercial that criticized itself. Second, it seems clear to me that the article is merely poking fun on classic husband and wife arguments--leaving the viewer thinking it is a husband and wife fighting while it is actually a stranger at the table.

I feel silly even posting this comment, but I would like to settle our family dispute, and win the $10 bet. What is everyone's thoughts on the commercial? Can this ad actually be making some sort of commentary on the use of steak sauce at a fine steak restaurant, or is it simply a mildly amusing joke about husband and wife arguments?


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I believe your wife has afflicted herself with a pesky condition known in the ad trade as "overthinking." I'm not a fan of the term, but it certainly seems to apply here.

"What are you doing?" would be a most sensible question to ask a stranger who sits down at your table and starts eating your husband's steak while he's away.

And while you might not find A-1 at Ruth's Chris Steak House, it is available at many of your finer eatin' joints. I personally prefer Lea and Perrin's, Maker's Mark or even 57 Sauce to A-1, but A-1 is dug by many a man - even if it's on an $60 cut o' beef. For your common Joe, familiarity brings satisfaction.

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I didn't see that coming....

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Ahhhhh, very clever.

At times, the simplest ads are the most brilliant.

With all due respect, I do think that the idea of the wife's focus was more on the 'stranger' rather than the stranger's use of the steak sauce. Interesting concept, though, but 'reaching,' nontheless.