AAGV President Donald Trump Addresses the Nation (2016)

See also the Hillary Clinton version.

At the rate of mass shootings in the nation, it is almost a guarantee that the next president will need to hold a mass shooting speech within their first year in office. These speeches have become standard to the President’s job descriptions and the public is becoming immune to this response.

In an effort to halt this routine, we have created “The Speech That No One Wants to Hear.” We will broadcast two speeches, one for each candidate, as if they are holding their own mass shooting speech as president. We will show that this speech, no matter who wins on November 8th, is inevitable if we continue to stand by without progress toward Gun Violence Prevention.

Through these videos, we will ultimately put a spotlight on the representatives who have voted against the most recent gun control proposals. There are 45 senators who voted “no” on recent common sense gun proposals that are not being held accountable for voting against public interest and safety. Of these senators, 21 are up for re-election this November.

This project will ensure voters know where their representative stands when it comes to gun control and are knowledgeable of the faces behind the lack of progress on the senate floor.

Client: AAGV / Action Against Gun Violence

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